A Good Post On Bad News


I’ve been sitting on a post from Greg Hunter at USAWatchdog.com because its so bad that its good.  You know, a realistic understanding of the financial situation of the USA, and because its “realistic”, it tells a very tough story.

I dislike delivering disheartening information, but not warning others places the blood of their loss on my head, according to the Mighty, the Righteous and the Truthful Yahuah.

You know, when whatever is “worst” happens, we will finally be at the finish line, which is awesome.  I’m watching and investing in some crypto technologies that I know will be used to entrap the lost with the mark of the beast system.  These are high-performance financial tools that are now providing global, instant money transfers, converting those transfers on-the-fly from the originating nations’ currency to the receiving nation’s currency.

That’s a neat trick, and it is in place in about 70 countries already.  This is an American technology, built on block-chain protocols.  Totally fascinating stuff.  Imagine sending 500 billion dollars to China, and when you click the “SEND” button at your desk or on your phone, that money (in US dollars) immediately goes to the recipient in China and is in Chinese Yuan, all in about two seconds.

The system currently in use in US dollar global transactions is called the “SWIFT” system, and it takes a week or two to transmit and confirm money.  Much too slow now.  Digital currency is also high on the list of to-do’s, which will enable the governments of the world to turn off your money any time they choose to do so.  To tax you on the spot for eating too much beef, or even to punish you for your latest post on Facebook.

The Beast, indeed.

The technology isn’t bad.  It’s the people serving Satan who are bad.  The Satanists use electricity, too, but no one suggests that we ban electricity.  Why?  Because we are hypocrites and will not inconvenience ourselves for the sake of conquering evil.  For example, that statue of Baphomet that was on the State Capital steps in Oklahoma.  No one destroyed it, but plenty of US Civil War statues were knocked down and destroyed.

The Righteous seem timid.  Is it the spirit of Yahuah that holds the Righteous back from doing Righteous work?  Or is it fear?

Regardless, I hope you are healthy and living in peace.  This crypto thing has totally taken my mind of the Ukrainian thugs and the political vomit in the USA.  Thank YAHUAH for that.  If the USA collapses, I’m going to do what I can for my family, as Yahuah gives me wisdom and strength.

Yahuah is not going to “save America”.  I hope you fully understand that.  America is the Mystery Babylon of the Apocalypse.  America is going down in spectacular fashion, and I still believe that it will be due to 100 percent natural disasters.  Earthquakes on the coasts, hurricanes in the Gulf and tornadoes in the mid-west.  All being the personal signature of The One.

He will drive home to the rest of the earth that He is Yahuah.  They will remember our history and that we were once a righteous people, obedient to His Words, respectful to Him, and to our neighbors. They will remember how wicked we became, unspeakably wicked in the highest places.  Widespread human sacrifice, in America.

Not any human involved, other than the hundreds of terrorist cells invading from the south and the north who create relentless warfare against the “Americans”, meaning whites in particular.  Yahuah has called this one for Himself.  He will repay.

OK.  I’ll play.  They might be “terrorists”, but God raised me in the forests, in the rain, in floods, in raging streams, in darkness, in the cold, leading high risk  exploits from age 12.  I was born for these days, and hungry for the fight.  They will deeply regret coming to my territory, as Yahuah gives me strength.  My partner is my rifle, my knife is my friend.  My skill is His gift, and in my heart beats His own Spirit, which He gave me, unsolicited.  He chose me, as He has chosen many others.

I await my time.

Lord how I love what you have created.  You saved me so many times I cannot count them all, but I remember so many.  You are Good, and you alone are and will remain good forever.  There is no place in all that is where you do not reign, and against you, though you stand alone, all the force and power of all that is cannot overcome your single thought.

You are perfect, though no human can define “perfection” as it pertains to you.  We do not know what that means in the context of understanding you.  God is perfect.  Perfect is God.  Yahuah = Perfect.  Insufficient to explain Yahuah.

He can do no wrong, although He does from time to time have regrets.  He Himself wanted to exterminate the Hebrews traveling with Moshe in the wilderness.  He was sick of them and repented of making them, suggesting to Moshe that He would start another bloodline through Moses.  Moses essentially begged Yahuah not do do such a thing, and Moses, in his beautiful humility, was heard by God.

But Yahuah did want to exterminate the Hebrews.  He repented (His words) of making them and wished them dead.  Sick of their whining and complaining, their infidelity, lack of faith and cowardice.  He repented, which means He felt severe regret and remorse, just as we must repent of our own sins.

Sin means “to miss the mark” or transgression of the law.  If Yahuah repented of making the Hebrews, did He consider their creation a sin?  His own sin?  The worst thing He had ever done?

Well no, Yahuah cannot sin. By definition, whatever He does is precisely what should be done, but even He feels remorse in His own heart, or soul or spirit or Himself over some things that He does.  He is not prideful.  He confesses when He is hurting.  He speaks of His pain, yet He kept His Word to Abraham.  Yahuah’s suggestion that He start anew with the bloodline of Moses was made knowing that Moses would decline, but Yahuah wanted to have that in writing for you and I to read, as a testament to the humility of Moses and to the fact that Yahuah does listen to us and He takes our decisions into consideration.

He is our Father, not our slave master.  He listens and often agrees, but in all things He is I AM.

Yahuah loved that about Moses, and when Moses smote the rock, he did so in obvious anger.  As “punishment” for his bad behavior, Yahuah only let Moses see the promised land from across the river. After that, Moses’s body died and Moses was brought to Paradise, the REAL Promised land.

So let me ask you this: Had you been Moses, would you consider more precious a step across the River into the Promised Land, or a leap from your human body and into the Kingdom of God?

See?  That’s How our Father “Punishes” His people.  HIS people.

You watch and see, brothers and sisters – Yahuah will annihilate America.  Utter and complete destruction, every bit deserved.  But what of you?  What will the Merciful do with His own people, His Chosen ones? :)

The bad news I mentioned.

Love Yahuah with all your heart. 
Love your neighbor as yourself.
Pray for peace.  Prepare for war.


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Andreas Uhrig
Andreas Uhrig
4 days ago

“Had you been Moses, would you consider more precious a step across the River into the Promised Land, or a leap from your human body and into the Kingdom of God?”   If something is truly “precious” that means it needs to be earned first one way or another. Now, given that Our Saviour Jesus Messiah has paid (with His own tortured body and His own precious blood) our lifetime of sins in full as His free gift to us and Moses had been chosen (likewise as a free gift? Please comment!) by Our Heavenly Father to lead the Israelites out of slavery into their promised land, I (in Moses` stead) would had wanted to present this crossing-over the River Jordan as a joyful deed of gratitude for the years long difficult learning experience of the Exodus through all the efforts and fails beforehand.   A leap from my human body into the Kingdom of Our Father would in my opinion be a too extreme and rapid change of conditions. Even for Moses I presume.… Read more »

Gillian Cockwill
12 days ago

I would also say that the same will happen to the U.K. We have turned our back on G-d & we are now under chastisement with this Labour Party having got in. I don’t say ‘voted’ because they weren’t. We also are going to see hard & dark times ahead. The only hope is that we know it won’t last as their house of cards is crumbling around them. But it won’t be easy in the meantime. All Blessings Jerry 🙏

Gillian Cockwill
10 days ago
Reply to  Jerry

Thanks for that Jerry, I’m at a low point just now & that was good to hear. I/we just need to keep focused. Take care. Bless Gillian

12 days ago

Funny, I often say that on this planet evil reigns because the people of Yahweh are not willing to do what evil does. They win because they have no limit to their evil schemes, lying, and debauchery, while we value all life and are almost paralyzed with shock and fear to do anything that needs doing. Evil knows this fact, it’s a sad state of affairs. Maybe when things get real unreal, we will finally stand up and do what needs to be done.

9 days ago
Reply to  Jerry

Great tip Jerry, thank you.

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