A Day, A Deer and A Nice Long Walk

Sometimes in life, we are faced with impossible decisions. Have you encountered that in your life, when one good choice is impossible because of the subsequent harm it will surely do to other people? Or where the best choice made for others will put you yourself in a very painful situation? A classic “no win” or “damned if you do, or damned if you don’t”?

If you have lived a fairly long life, you can remember being in a similar situation, and of you are still young enough to have avoided this pincer, expect it to arrive in the future.

I miss people.  Maybe its the corona virus. Maybe people are afraid of getting sick or dying. Maybe so. Certainly the corona virus and the radical looting and arson by bone-deep criminal elements of American society causes people to tense up. People are afraid, and why not?  Look at our leaders, from D.C. to your own town.  I never imagined that incompetency would reign so universally.  Maybe its decades of modern public education?

Last week I took my two oldest sons to an outdoor rifle range to do some shooting. I walked up to the window and tried to have a conversation with the lady who took the money, but she was yelling at me to “back up, back up”. Apparently, she expected me to do business with her from six feet away while I was wearing ear muffs and she was wearing a shop mask. I couldn’t hear for my ear muffs, her shop mask and the thunder of rifles shooting a few yards away.

I did feel a little sorry for her. She was as old or older than me, looked kind of haggard, and had on a mask that gave her zero defense against any kind of airborne bacteria or virus. It was the white paper kind, kind of like a coffee filter with a rubber band on it.  Good for pollen and other things visible to the naked eye.

If I go back there, I plan to give her a couple of my N95’s. I have a full, unopened box of them that I bought at Home depot months ago after reading about the virus in China. Then I started reading the data regarding transmissability, symptoms, death rates, conditions, etc., and concluded that we didn’t need any masks. What we needed was a strong immune system. So I bought the things we needed for that, and have not worn a mask once.  One guy did threaten to badly harm me for not wearing a mask, and I suggested his mask might not filter out a 9mm virus.  He didn’t comment further.  No, I wasn’t like Jesus, and I am pretty sure that Yahusha would not reply as I did.  But I just don’t like threats and will put people who do make threats very quickly into the position to either put up or shut up.

The “lockdown” has been hard here. At first it was great – a vacation. My spouse and I would take our positions at each end of the sofa every morning, pop open our Lenovo T520’s to read and drink coffee. We smiled at each other and had a grand time.

But eventually it wasn’t fun at all. We would sit down and not speak. And eventually we just started sleeping late and skipped the good mornings. Now we are getting counseling :) and yesterday she left me at the counselors office so I had to walk nearly six miles home.

It was a blessing to me, as I do need the body movement and six miles in 95 degree heat with little shade, no wallet on me and no hat left me a wee pooped by the time I got home. I did have my cell but there was no way I was going to call and ask her to come get me. You know how that is.

Marriage counseling can arouse feelings of pain.

But Yahuah sent me something to love, and that something actually returns love. It is such a beautiful thing.

Meet Bambina, a fawn deer I and “Ninja” found riding our bicycles one night.

I was riding my bicycle with my youngest son, Nathan (aka ‘NINJA’) one night around 11 PM, and we came across this fawn.  It was very weak, very thin and could not move very well, so picked her up and walked home with her in my arms.  She didn’t protest at all.

I fed her goats milk and she loved it, but it was 11 dollars ber can and she ate a can every few days, so I found some milk mix for her at Tractor Supply.  She loves both so that’s good.  And she has put on weight and her energy levels are excellent.

She sleeps in the house often, but likes to urinate in the dogs bedding so that nixed her indoor life.  She jumped into bed with me one night and slept beside me.  That was neat.  All in all, she is like a puppy.

She follows me around the back yard, and one evening she got out of the fence and was off in the woods with momma deer, who had been lurking around the back yard during daylight hours.  I’m pretty sure it was momma deer because her mammaries were hanging like a nursing mother deer.  I was happy they were reunited, but I sure missed Bambina.

About 10:00 PM that evening, what do you know but here came Bambina, scampering back to the gate from the woods.  She looked excited, and I walked over to the gate and she trotted right in and followed me to the porch for some milk, which she gulps like she has been on a life-raft for a week.  Perhaps momma deer just does not produce enough milk, which would explain why I found Bambina so thin, weak and malnourished.

We tried to give her to a local animal rescue type operation the day after I found her, but they said they had too many deer on the property already and that I might feed her for a while and turn her out.  Around here (a subdivision) there isn’t more than three or four hundred acres for the deer to live in, and we are bordered by two very busy multi-lane boulevards, so migration is not an option.  Therefore, mom does not have any options for relocation and she will be around to reclaim Bambina when I turn her out.

I just hope that Bambina does not approach strangers.  No one would harm her, but still.  She needs to be a wild deer.  Maybe I can take her far from here and turn her loose far from people.  Don’t know.  Have mixed emotions about that.

I love all you guys, and am blessed by your readership.  You give me good people to share my heart with, and in these difficult times, we all need to put more effort into building relationships.  Things will get stranger and stranger, so please go out of your way to meet some people and make some new friends.  You will be a huge blessing to some people that you do not even know today.  Smile more, talk to strangers and try to be a little bit humorous.  We have to lead some people to salvation through Yahusha.  We absolutely must encourage people.  Perhaps that most of all.  People truly are desperate for some encouragement.


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GM Linder
3 years ago

Hi Jerry

Thanks for sharing about Bambina, such a beautiful story. I know divorce is painful, the tearing apart of a ‘one flesh.’ I’ll pray that you & your wife to rethink your relationship if possible, you will both have to change but God’s in that business, if we are willing and he’s a great counsellor, I should know; been there, done that, and eat the pie!

Welcome To The War
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