A Beautiful Near Death Experience


A beautiful testimony of a near death experience. Enjoy this.

For a longer video of the complete interview of Mr. Hernandez, watch below.


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20 days ago

Thank you Jerry! This is sooo good and you know me I have so many thoughts about this. God is Love as the interviewer is saying. I knew judgment didn’t incorporate going to church. Judgment is about what is in a person’s heart and soul. The soul scripture tells us is in our blood. When I was in the presence of Yahuah I was told my mother-in-law who was about to ruin my married life would not receive a resurrection because of her wickedness. Her husband is not to be given a resurrection either not because he was wicked without cause because he wasn’t but because he wouldn’t want to liven this world without the woman he married. I know my father-in law and I know that is true. I don’t think my mother-in law is in hell but I know there is hell a place of intense suffering because the ‘Lady’ who was talking to me saw a vision of a religious man ruining the lives of many people in a religious organisation I would join and receive opposition from. The words spoken were “They are bad to you ! But they are sorry for what they put you through’ But One man is held responsible! I remember thinking “They are going to make me suffer like that and all they get is a little (wee) slap in the wrist. The angel went on the explain how that man would be brought back in the judgment and would have to repent for what he caused me to suffer. The angel was shown that he would refuse to repent and proved himself to be all he accused me of being. And then the angel was shocked at seeing where the man was heading.

I will tell you what that man said of me. I was blind with cataracts and was told I was showing the sin of pride because I wasn’t answering up at questions during meetings. His most common accusation was “First Impressions Count! And my first impression of YOU was not good! Not good at all! And my opinion of YOU will never change! Never Change! No matter how you change or your life changes My opinion of YOU will never change.’

I took my mother to see this messenger. When we were looking for where she was we were first spoken to by Yahusha. Then the Lady came to speak with my mother. The lady told my mother I was useful to the Kingdom of God that I had been given an important commission from my Father in Heaven. My mother was told the way she and my elder brother had treated me was unacceptable and should not have been the way they should have behaved. My mother was told she would be given a resurrection and would be with her son and other daughter but she would not return to me and her husband because the marriage was not a happy one. She was then told it would be up to her whether she would inherit everlasting life or not. After when we returned home she told my father and many things spoken came to be and prophesy began to be fulfilled. I refer to what I was told would take place in my life and it did 100%.

But as that man in this video said it happened as I was told I would forget all that was told to me. I would remember being with her but what was told would be blocked from my mind until most came true. If I knew what was to be I would have tried more to stop it happening and would have been extremely confused. It would have been too much to deal with because the man I married bullied me into marrying him. I could see I would have problems I wouldn’t be able to handle. My father only lived five months after the visitation as I had been told. He told me many important truths that correspond with historical facts and scripture.

Taking the leaves Jerry! That is where Revelation 22:2 “The leaves of the trees are for healing the nations”. This is time for intervention and judgment. And those who have the opportunity of living on earth forever will have the leaves of the trees to heal their illness caused by vials of disgusting substances that are being shot into arms.

One thing I have in my mind is I was told I would write to a person who would believe me and help me. The task I have been told to accomplish is that I must tell very important people the judgment is upon them in this day. I think it is the WEF and WHO who I must speak with. I am prepared to face these world rulers. But how can I ask someone else to help me. It would need to be someone in this country Scotland because the person must come with me to receive confirmation of what took place in 1966 when another young person the same age as myself would tell what she was told on that day in relation to my experience.

I haven’t seen that person since that time because we didn’t associate after that. When I explained to my widower son-in-law he ordered me to get my coat and took me to where that person once lived when I knew her. We visited three houses where the people knew her and we found all that was told to her about her life came true for her because when we were leaving the place where we were told our future she asked me what was spoken to me. I thought I wasn’t supposed to tell her so I just told her my dad wasn’t going to live much longer. She said “Oh that’s a shame!” Then I asked her and she told me what her future was to be and it happened just as she was told.

My problem is I don’t know who else I can write to that will ignore me. But I remember clearly I must write to a person who would believe me.

Ember Carver
Ember Carver
19 days ago
Reply to  Jerry

I thought I might share this story about me and my after death experience?
When I was 7 years old ,I had surgery to have my tonsils out.
Back then they just had you lie on your side as fluids drained from your mouth. This was after surgery. My mother was told to watch me and make sure I didn’t flip over on my back. For some reason I started hemoraging and blood was going every where. My mother ran out into the hallways to get a nurse while she was gone I flipped over on my back and strangled to death from all the blood. I LEFT my body and I could tell that I was above my body near the ceiling. Their were 2 people there with me they were dressed in bright white, they where on each side of me holding my hand. I look down and saw the doctor and two nurses trying to save my life.they wheeled in a big machine to pump all the blood in my throat then the doctor started giving me CPR because my heart had stopped.
I ask one of the persons next to me, what is happening and ti was told you died.
I felt no fear as I watch the doctor fighting to save my life.
The doctor said to my mother I am sorry it’s been 10 minutes she is dead.I saw my mother crying as the doctor and nurses left the room.
Then one of persons(angels) said it’s time for you to go back in your body it’s not your time to go yet. I remember saying do I Have to? It felt very peaceful being with them.
Then I went back in my body it was not a pleasant feeling as I started to feel pain.with a gasp for air I started breathing again. I sit up in bed and said mommy. My mom said your alive but you died. I said I know I saw the doctor and nurses work on me and they pump all that blood from my throat. I have told several people this story and hear this didn’t really happen it was just a lack of oxygen to your brain.
I was 7 years old and I rememberer it to this day very vividly.
I share this Jerry because I am now 70 years old and at this age you know you could go any time.What this experience has done for me gives me peace because I know with a certainty their is life after death.
For 50 years I look for the truth going from church to church, then I discovered Torah and Yeshua. God save the best for last . He gave me a wonderful husband who shares my faith,for the last 10 years we have had Shalom and are just waiting now for Yeshua to bring in his Kingdom.
I hope this story helps someone. I know Yah has always been with me then and now.

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