8.2 Earthquake In Alaskan Aleutian Islands. Yahuah Shouts A Warning To America And It Will Be Ignored.

Originally posted on July 29, 2021 @ 4:25 pm

Just a quick note regarding the earthquake and the many prophecies and dreams discussing the earthquakes and volcanoes that destroy America. 

If we are well into the First Seal of the Tribulation, then the prophecies of those who tell of the physical destruction of America by natural forces might be imminent.  These are not Bible prophecies, but prophecies of believing men and women from their visions and dreams.

Many of these prophecies are very similar, and from different decades.  When the natural disasters come, and they will come, know that it is the wrath of Yahuah being poured out on a nation filled up with Holy Bibles and dead babies.  And an 8.2 just spoke in Alaska.  Yahuah is merciful,  He is speaking but who will listen?

Only when a million die will we consider repentance.  He calls in the wilderness and all ignore Him.  We are stubborn, with foreheads of flint.  He warned us today.

There is no justice in America.  Our governments, courts and law enforcement at the highest levels in the land deny truth and pervert justice.  We are a laughingstock to the world, promoting homosexualism and satanism and abortion – a haunt for every evil thing.

Because Yahuah raised America up and taught us His Word, His anger will be made manifest in the destruction of America.  He gave us light and life and food and freedom and we chopped up His babies and sold the body parts.  Sure, we protested, but who among us did what was necessary to put an end to abortion?

We do not organize and fight against transvestism, nor against homosexual “marriage”.  We all sit and wait, hoping someone will do something, but no one ever does.

We pray, and it is possible that holiness will rise among us, but it is not likely.  There is no contrition.  There is no weeping.  There are no broken hearts.

He gave us Joseph Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.  The wages of sin.  The wages of sin.

America will not likely be in any condition to support Israel when the army of the anti-christ comes to install their destructive device in the Holy of Holies.

Do you know who is coming to install that destructive device?  Do you know his motivation?  He is driven by Yahuah.  He, like the Satan, operates as a threshing blade.  The job of the wicked is, in part, to purify the faith of the righteous.  To drive the wicked unto repentance.  To put the rebellious on their knees.  To drive those who will hear to salvation, and the dead into death.

All we have to do is accept Yahusha’s offer of life and walk in the Way.  That is all He asks of His people.  Why do you think Satan only comes to destroy the Way?  Why did Rome do its best to destroy the Way?

When the wicked installs his destructive device in the Temple, it will be like poetry: One abomination destroying another.  In order to get to “peace and safety”, an astounding compromise must be made by those who rule.  Fornication unlike anything seen before.  The Babylonian lesson all over again.  The third Temple is spitting in the face of our Salvation, denying Him all over again.  It is a profane thing, as are their Noahide laws.

The world deserves what is happening, and then the end will come.  “When the power of the Holy people is shattered…” then the end will come.

Weep for our lukewarm hearts.  Weep for our doubt.  Weep for our silence.

But roar like lions at the glory of His coming.  Raise your hands and shout to the mountains that Great is His coming and Perfect are His commands.  Rejoice, for it is real, His promise of life everlasting in Paradise with the King of Light, the Lord of Glory and the Prince of Peace.  True and forever and very soon.

To hear Chapter One of Michael Snyders’ book on Prophecies of America, click here.

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