72 Election Fraud Cases. ZERO Allowed To Present Evidence. 75,000,000 Silent Trump Voters, But Antifa Shows Up To Fight.

“An accurate list of 2020 election fraud cases shows 81 cases total, 30 still active – but NOT ONE SINGLE COURT has allowed evidence to be argued.

The 2020 election will go down as arguably the greatest fraud in world history.  The tremendously popular incumbent candidate, President Trump, was easily winning the race on election night in a landslide and then suddenly multiple states took a break, quit counting, and by the end of the week the election was flipped to Joe Biden.

What will you do about this?

President Trump, his team and the American people attempted to address the fraud and alleged abnormalities in court, but the courts refused to examine the evidence.

We’ve heard over and over from Big Media that President Trump and his team lost numerous court cases linked to the 2020 election.  But this is not accurate.

Here’s what Jim Hoft identified from research of an accurate and updated list of court cases:

  • There are 81 court cases to date based on the 2020 election
  • In 45 cases President Trump was the plaintiff
  • In 34 cases President Trump is not the plaintiff
  • In 2 cases President Trump is the defendant
  • In 72 cases illegal voting is alleged
  • In ZERO of the 72 cases where illegal voting is alleged has evidence been allowed to be presented
  • 30 cases remain active

Here is a link to the list of cases.  Notice this file is updated on an ad hoc basis so numbers may change.

You may download this file.  Click the “down” arrow.

In the 2020 election:

  • Thousands of instances of fraud were alleged
  • Multiple states changed laws to provide for absentee ballots and the remedy is alleged to be not legal
  • The FBI to date has done nothing to review the alleged fraud
  • The DOJ denied any alleged material instances of fraud
  • The Democrats are accused of the alleged election fraud
  • The state legislatures certified their results with millions of ballots in question
  • The US Congress accepted these certified results which ignored the thousands of instances of election fraud
  • VP Mike Pence accepted the results despite state legislatures asking him to examine the results (and was richly rewarded for it, immediately)

Bear in mind that these people in key places were, on the bottom line, supporting a criminal candidate who can no longer differentiate between a shoe lace and a garden rake.  The person they wanted in office even has to be told to salute the marines when he walks past them, and he is so mentally deficient that instead of saluting, he repeats what he was told to do.

And now we know the courts didn’t allow a single instance of evidence of voting fraud to be presented to date.

Since all the courts refused to review the evidence of voter fraud, was there collusion within the courts to deny Donald Trump and the People justice?  Would it be that these judges conspired to deny Trump and the People justice?

Would these judges be Masons, as Judas Pence is likely a 33rd Degree Mason if the medal he was given reflects that promotion.

72 total voter fraud cases, ALL denied a review of the evidence.  72 cases.  All denied.  Impossible.  The President of the United States and attorneys working on behalf of fair elections bring 72 voter fraud cases to the courts with jurisdiction and ALL OF THEM decline to hear evidence?

IMPOSSIBLE, but true.

Is it that Trumps attorneys were ignorant of law and unable to competently present a legitimate case for review on 72 consecutive occasions, all pertaining to voter fraud?

It it that Trumps attorneys presented the same, exact broken argument 72 consecutive times, never learning from their mistake the first time?

One wants to know why the courts refused to examine the evidence of voter fraud 72 consecutive times, but the answer seems to, perhaps must boil down to the simple fact that the judges did not want to give Trump and the People an opportunity.  Justice denied.  No air for the drowning.  Die.

72 voter fraud allegations and not one single judge in any court, including the supreme court, was interested enough to even look at evidence?

So skipping the “Why did the courts do this?” question, though dear merciful GOD we need to know the real ‘why’, we must know what remedy is available?  What is the most immediately potent recourse for the People to take when justice and truth are denied even a moment of review?

When a governing system, especially in a time of such extreme importance, refuses to even acknowledge the possibility of the existence of a crime of this magnitude, is that not the proof that the governing system must be destroyed, and a renewed system of lawful governance established?

We are dealing with denial of truth on a biblical scale.  This denial of even the search for truth impacts the whole world, the entire planet.  All people.  All nations.  When Texas and sixteen additional states aligned to contest the voter fraud in the Supreme Court, what happened?  Globalist minion Justice John Roberts ran as fast and hard as he could from the case.  Only Clarence Thomas and Justice Alito wanted to pick it up.  Even Trumps Supreme Court appointees Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Amy Barrett said no.

17 States were told to shove off.  17 Governors.  17 State Attorneys General and 75,000,000 people who voted for Mr. Trump.  75,000,000 people wanted their voice heard in court, and the very court that is duty bound to stand for justice to the people closed the door immediately.

Who holds the power to change this golems rape of justice?  This eyes-wide-shut denial of truth by permitting sin?  Who has the power and the authority and the means to make justice happen?

Can there be any greater signal that revolution is necessary, and now?

If Trump wants people who will fight for him when he is blatantly robbed, maybe he should look to antifa.  They are misguided and manipulated, but they show up to fight.  Where are the Trump voters?  Sitting home drinking coffee?  Wearing their mask about town?  Being timid?  Being civil?

All hat and no cattle.  Won’t fight for a damn thing.  Love Trump because he actually will fight, but when he actually needs those 75,000,000 voters to help him…

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