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I am republishing this article, written by Janna Ben Nun, at the request of Steven Ben Nun.  He said that when he published this article, their website was taken down within an hour.  I believe him.  I too have seen years of my own work destroyed by my enemies.

I haven’t had time to read this because as soon as I had the opportunity I reposted it here.  I am sure that it discusses the anti-Christ Rabbis and their blasphemous Noahide Laws, which call for the execution of any non-Jew who studies Torah or has the testimony of Yahusha.  The same exact goals of Satan, as stated in Revelation 12.

So it is with gladness that I republish this work and I look forward to reading it.

My personal writings on this same topic:

Beware of Anti-Gentile Hate Speech – Israeli News Live

24-30 minutes 6/13/2022
It is absolutely one hundred percent true that some people among the non-Jews are avid antisemites. I could never deny this truth. It is also true that some white people are racists against the blacks, and vice versa, some black people hate the white race. There is even hatred among the so-called white race folks, depending on what location of Europe they are from. For example, few people who live in the Western European block consider Eastern Europeans as inferior to themselves. In Eastern Europe there is a particular problem with Gypsies – and how white Europeans view them. Gypsies are often disregarded as “dirty”, “uneducated” and “untrustworthy” by many Europeans.

As a Christian I firmly believe that all humans are equal, unique, and precious and there are absolutely no bases in my faith for any hatred toward any race of people. My heart does not feel hate toward anyone. All people possess a soul that is given to us by the Father, the Creator of all that is. Once we acknowledge the Father and have “Christ in us”, we can easily erase any malice, any enmity from the depth of our hearts. There is no “lesser” soul or a “higher” soul, nor there is any difference in a quality of the human soul in general. This is the teaching of Christ -an advocate of the highest form of the moral law of love. All are welcome, all are treated alike and those who think that they have a greater calling than the others are called to ” be the last and the slave of all”. (Mark 10:43)

There are many legal laws within European and American legal system that prevent against any hatred and discrimination of the citizens. Those laws are serving us very well when met with maliciousness because of who we are as a race or gender and those laws protect us also against any religious persecution. Yet, there is one particular group of elites that actuate even above those common laws – they have created a new word – word that strikes you deep in the soul when you hear it, especially when it is falsely used against you – the word you never want to be accused of – the sin of ANTISEMITISM.

In case of antisemitism, the Jewish organizations and corporations throughout the world- and especially in the United States and Israel- are doing an excellent progress in monitoring and registering any behaviors and speeches that they consider antisemitic. The Jewish organizations send out their emissaries to influence the politicians and law makers, so any “antisemitic” remarks or behaviors are dealt with immediately and swiftly. They are constantly changing their definition of antisemitism, so any disagreement with their political position, their religious views or criticizing their teachings, speeches and actions of Israeli government are not easy to bring to public view. If you, as a Christian, disagree with any points of Judaic religious views and publicly state your opinion, you can be easily “marked” as an antisemite. This label is highly intimidating, and many Christians are so afraid of it that they refrain from voicing any of their feelings and rationale when met with the rabbinic interpretations of the Old Testament using the Talmudic exegesis. It has become very difficult to defend our faith and moral standards precisely because of the constant antisemite label Jewish organizations as well as many leaders of “Judeo-Christian” belief system place on those who simply defend against Judaic interpretations of Jewish sacred text – The Talmud.

While I strongly disagree with any hate and violence against the Jewish people (and as a Christian, I love them as people) I reserve my right to defend my own faith, my moral values that are based in teachings of Christ, right to voice my opinions and disagreement with Judaic religion and the right to publicly EXPOSE what I esteem to be highly deceptive and dangerous direction some influential rabbis and pastors are bringing to forefronts of Christian pulpits.

This essay will have many parts and a purpose of it is to “plea” as non-guilty against a false charge of antisemitism that was brought against me (and my husband) recently by one pastor of a Church in the state of Georgia who acted with fear and was intimidated by the local terrorist “Antifa” group. I was invited to be recognized for the work I do with the Israeli News Live and the DeNoon Institute of Biblical Research with the UI Media Award. I decided to agree to accept this award after a long break I took after the tragic death of my father in December 2021. In fact, the kind invitation and recognition I received by the owner of the UI Media has inspired me to return back to work with my husband Steve Ben-Nun. The award ceremony was scheduled to take place in the pastor’s Church and cancelled by the pastor due to Antifa’s intimidation and threats in which they called our names and charged us with antisemitism. Thankfully, the location of the ceremony was changed, and we were able to receive the award.

After the years of exposing the Judaization of Christianity and the Noahide Laws that are being prepared as the basis of the New World Religion I have decided to take a break to mourn my father and focus solely on my children, my family and reflect upon my own faith and relationship with Christ. I felt I have said it all and I was deeply disappointed that many of our former pastor friends ignored all the research and factual proof that I brought to their attention regarding the fact that Christianity is no longer “Christianity” in the Western world. Christian pastors have exchanged Christ for the Jews. There is a focus on Jews as the “light” of the world, as the “chosen” people that own the rights to interpretation of the Scripture. Christian pastors are selling Jewish bibles to their Christian followers – bibles that contain no New Testament, no name of Jesus and all the commentaries reflect rabbinic interpretations of the Old Testament prophecies. The “suffering servant” of the Isaiah chapter 53 is no longer Jesus- the Jews are considered in His place.
While I firmly understand that the Jewish people have the right to their own interpretations, and their own religious views, it is a very disappointing picture to see a Christian pastor inviting rabbinic guests to his program and promoting sales of such books. I am not saying that these pastors forfeited the Christian New Testament altogether, however no one can sit on two chairs at the same time …
Making friendships with Christ denying Jewish rabbis, calling them “our Jewish brothers” while ostracizing Christians that refuse the Judaic views and their Talmud is an ultimate betrayal of the true “brothers” in Christ.

After the false accusation by Antifa group and ostracism by a supposedly “Christian” pastor, Steve and I have reflected upon all anti Judaism views we have voiced in the past. All I can affirm is that NONE of the facts we have presented came out of our own head. We have used the words of Tamud, Shulchan Aruch, Zohar, the Book of Tanya, various writings of Jewish rabbis, The Old and New Testament, videos by the Jewish rabbis and various Jewish people, and the Jewish (especially Chabad websites) and Israeli websites to expose all their teachings, values, and beliefs. What is deeply concerning to us is the Judaic view of the so-called gentiles, their belief in a two-tier system ( Jew versus Gentile), published books and videos of rabbis that publicly state that the Gentile soul is of a lesser quality than the Jewish soul while defending this from the Jewish mysticism viewpoint called the ‘kabbalah” with statements that the Jewish soul contains a divine spark that supposedly Gentile soul is missing and can never have, their belief that they alone are God ordained to lead the Gentiles into the Noahic Law which is supposedly an obligation of every single Gentile to keep without which he or she cannot even enter the “New World to come”. According to Talmud, the punishment for violation of ANY of the seven Noahide Laws is a capital punishment of beheading. There are some Jewish doctors, who are activists in medical freedom movement who publicly stated in the videos that they will be asked to “behead” the “pagans”. Particularly problematic is the Chabad teaching that God created this world only for the sake of Jews, with specific purpose for the Gentiles, which is -to serve the Jews. Assumably, according to Chabad Jewish published teachings, the Gentile nations are to set up Noahide courts in every city and village – for the sake of enforcing the Noahide Laws upon the gentile populations, with beheadings as the punishment for violations of any of the Noahide Laws. These laws are advertised by the Chabad Jewish groups and organizations officially as a “moral” law for justice and as a solution to all the world’s problems and chaos. Interpretation of all of the Noahide Laws and sub-laws is belonging to the Jewish rabbis who refer to Talmud as their sacred source.
It is important to note that it is precisely the rabbis with aforementioned views that are promoted by various Christian pastors and organizations. United States government has officially passed the public laws and declarations stating that our nation was built upon the Noahide laws. These declarations are being re-signed yearly by every United States president and are valid in all 50 states. United States politicians are being influenced by Chabad Jewish groups to pass laws in public schools that reflect the teachings and wishes of the Lubavitcher Rebbe – the late leader of the Chabad organization. The Vatican has signed official agreements with the rabbis of Israel, agreeing that the Christians are obligated to keep the Noahide Law. United Nations has also recognized the Noahide Laws as the law for Peace and Justice and Jewish groups are asking for the criminal world court that will be based on the Noahide Covenant.

For the sake of reason, I want to ask the question that does NOT reflect my view of the Jewish people and is proposed here ONLY as an example. (please re read my aforementioned Christian view of the human soul). What if I would say that the Jewish soul originated in satanic spheres while the Gentile soul contains a God gene- a divine spark? What if I would write and publish scholarly books explaining the doctrine that the Jewish soul can never attain to the heights of the Gentile soul and the world was created only for the sake of the Gentiles with the purpose of the Jews to serve the Gentiles? What if I made public teachings and videos stating that the Jews do have a soul…however there is a difference in a quality of soul between Jew and the Gentile? (Meaning that the Jew has a lesser quality of the soul). What if I proposed that Christians have right to interpret specific laws that apply only to Jews and the punishment for not keeping these laws would be beheading of the Jews? There is many more ‘” what if’s” I could ask as you will see later.

Would not that be the ultimate antisemitism, the ultimate hate speech? Would not that be the call for blood and violence? IT ABSOLUTELY WOULD BE AND RIGHTFULY SO.

Dressed up in beautiful words of “Justice and Peace” lies the hate for the gentile world reflected in the teachings of Jewish Talmud. These views are openly taught and published with no one to notice and no one to cry out against it. Words of ultimate hate are ornamented with false call for justice, false call for love and false call for peace. Bewitched pastors are not protecting their flocks, but instead leading them to slaughter. We are not allowed to ask questions or repeat the words of rabbis against the gentiles, we are not allowed to reason and disagree – for if we do, we are to carry the most damming label of “antisemitism”.

I am going to further suggest that the “gentile” world must wake up and set up organizations that are similar to Jewish organizations that rightfully monitor antisemitism. Especially Christian pastors are to form associations that watch out for the safety of the Church members against the hate speech directed at gentiles. The new “word” must be created – the word ” antigentilism” that would spark fear for those who dare to belittle the quality of gentile soul and therefore blaspheme against the Creator of all life who gives same love and same opportunities for all human beings. Antigentilism must be recognized as a hate speech against the human rights and a dividing sword in the world. Our Christian faith teaches us that we are all one in Christ as he is one with His Father. We must firmly stand up for what we believe to be the highest moral law of all- the LOVE of the most pure form that unites ALL mankind as equal brothers and sisters. We, as Christians already have the highest moral law and we are to practice the transformation within us to reflect Christ in us. We can not and never will force our values at anyone, but we must be free to refuse all who would try to go against our values and beliefs without the fear of punishment. There is no quality difference of soul between the Jew and the Gentile as Jewish rabbis suggest. Inn OUR law there is” neither Greek nor Jew, Slave nor Free, Male nor Female for we are all one in Christ”. ( Galatians 3:28)

In the following paragraphs I will post an examples of speeches of rabbis and the believers in Judaism that I personally took time to listen to and I truly tried to understand their point of view. I will also examine some published material that is considered the staple of Talmudic scholarship and specifically directed at Gentile world. My essay will have more than one part , please stay with me and YOU be the judge yourself.

Rabbi Nachman Simon in the video bellow teaches the gentiles about one God and the Noahide Laws. He is reading from the book written by Menachem Mendel Schneerson ( Lubavitcher rebbe) : ” I Believe: Letters by the Lubavitcher Rebbe on Faith. ” The fact that he is promoting the book written by the ‘Rebbe” proves he is of the special Chasidic Jewish group called ‘the Chabad”. Please read Schneerson’s biography published on wikipedia bellow:
Wikipedia states the following :

“As leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, he took an insular Hasidic group that almost came to an end with the Holocaust and transformed it into one of the most influential movements in religious Jewry, with an international network of over 5,000 educational and social centers. The institutions he established include kindergartens, schools, drug-rehabilitation centers, care-homes for the disabled, and synagogues.

Schneerson’s published teachings fill more than 300 volumes, and he is noted for his contributions to Jewish continuity and religious thought, as well as his wide-ranging contributions to traditional Torah scholarship. He is recognized as the pioneer of Jewish outreach. During his lifetime, many of his adherents believed that he was the Messiah. His own attitude to the subject, and whether he openly encouraged this, is hotly debated among academics……In 1978, the U.S. Congress asked President Jimmy Carter to designate Schneerson’s birthday as the national Education Day U.S.A. It has been since commemorated as Education and Sharing Day. In 1994, he was posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for his “outstanding and lasting contributions toward improvements in world education, morality, and acts of charity.” Schneerson’s resting place attracts both Jews and non-Jews for prayer.

The wikipedia further states:

“In 1983 Schneerson launched a global campaign to promote awareness of the Supreme Being and observance of the Noahide Laws among all people, arguing that this was the basis for human rights for all civilization. Several times each year his addresses were broadcast on national television. On these occasions Schneerson would address the public on general communal affairs and issues relating to world peace such as a moment of silence in U.S. public schools, increased government funding for solar energy research, U.S. foreign aid to developing countries and nuclear disarmament.

In 1984, Schneerson initiated a campaign for the daily study of Maimonides’s Mishneh Torah. Each year at the completion of the learning cycle there is Siyum celebration marking the end of the cycle and beginning of the new one. These events have been attended by many Jewish leaders.”

Rabbi Nachman claims that the Jewish view of non- Jews is the “most liberal and humane form of looking we can say of outsiders” (at about 1 minute mark). He acknowledges that the non-Jews are “of course human beings but they are not Jews therefore they are not doing the 613 commandments”.

At about 3:30 minute marking he is explaining how “Jews are to compel ALL the inhabitants of the world (gentiles)to accept the commandments that pertain to the sons of Noah.” (The Noahide Laws).

Around the minute marking 4:45 he goes on to explain that the Rebbe explained in the letter “that the Rambam ( Maimonaides) ruled that Jews have the Halakah (Jewish law) obligation to teach the nations of the world to obey these laws.“

At about 5:50 minute markings he goes on to say that “Rebbe suggested that in every school there should be the moment of silence at the beginning of each day “. The scary part is that many states are now enforcing this law in public schools, and this was done by petitioning of our governors by the Chabad rabbis! This explains the influence of the Jewish Chabad organization upon our officials that American people have elected. Even though the “moment of silence” law seems very innocent and even positive, it is a first step of the Chabad teachings to be forced upon unsuspecting public and their children. It is their “one leg” in our education system. Since the Rebbe promoted the Noahide Laws to be taught to children in school aka through the education system, we can be sure that the next step will be introduction of the Noahide Laws to our children while they are in schools.

In 9:25 minute marking he says ” While Rebbe was interested in helping all mankind, he never did anything that may compromise his role as the leader of the Jewish people and a spokesman for God in the world. In representing the Torah’s views (aka Talmud) the Rebbe made it clear that the Torah’s commandments are eternal and the absolute-that the FINAL AUTHORITY in ALL MATTERS is halakha – the Jewish law… he would state his opinion forcefully and repeatedly, even if it was highly unpopular within the nations of the world.”

At the 10:52 minute markings rabbi is reminding the gentiles that “the US house of representatives and the President of the United States issued a proclamation designating the rebbe’s birthday the 11th of the Hebrew months of Nisan as a day of the spiritual accounting for ALL citizens of the country. it was clear the Rebbe is regarding the work of teaching the 7 commandments of the sons of Noah as PREPARATION for the ultimate redemption. At the time of ultimate redemption for ALL the nations of the world will acknowledge Gods Kingship.”

At around 11:45 minute markings he is discussing Rebbe’s view on non- Jews conversion to Judaism. It is rather a discouragement for those wanting to convert as the Rebbe is explaining that non-Jews are only needing to obey the 7 Noahide laws as intended for the “entire human race… “The fulfillment of these laws is sufficient to ensure a SOCIAL ORDER that is truly humane and to allow every human being to find a self-fulfillment.“
At around 13:40 is explaining how ” it would not make any sense for example, for the FOOT to set to desire to become a HAND. only in EXTREMELY UNUSUAL CASES there are situations where certain non-Jews have a special association to conversion from the Torahs points of view. Such cases are VERY RARE.” (Note the comparison of foot wanting to become a hand!)

At 16:21 the rabbi makes his most interesting points in regard to human soul. He reads ” and this is called that DIFERRENT SOULS have DIFERRENT OBLIGATIONS…. regarding the argument weather the non-Jew has a soul, I cannot understand how there can be any dispute whatsoever about this matter. So, there are variety of sources that clearly show that non-Jews do have a soul” (be thankful gentiles) “…thus it seems to me that your question was perhaps about the DIFERRENT LEVELS, QUALITIES of the soul. Now if this was the point of disagreement, it is INDEED TRUE that the soul of the non-Jew and the soul of the Jew ARE DIFERRENT IN THEIR ESSENSE, it is related to one of the most FUNDAMENTAL IDEAS OF THE TORAH” (aka Talmud), “in fact that the Jewish people were chosen from among the other nations of the world. This in turns stands from the fact …that only the Jewish people did accept it (the Torah) ….. the holiness is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the essence of the Jewish soul…since God gave us (the Jews) the innate ability , this is part of our being even BEFORE WE ARE BORN to reach the HIGHEST levels of spirituality and holiness.“

Most shocking statements are however at minute markings 20:21 where he reads “The true reason why the Jews have business dealings with non-Jews…Is to use his business meetings with non-Jews in order to bring them to fulfill the 7 commandments of the sons of Noah. In fact, that is only true reason why the meetings are taking place. (Is he referring to the bridges Christian organizations are forming with the Jewish rabbis? I wonder) …the person could argue that the only reason for his meeting with non-Jew is to earn money. He knows the God is the source of his income, nevertheless it is God’s will, he might argue, that the person ( non-Jew) should provide a natural vessel for the divine blessing. And that is the reason he is doing the business with the non-Jew and he relates to him like any other business man. .. How can anyone say that the true purpose of the meeting with the non-Jew is to influence him accept the laws that non-Jews are commanded to observe. The answer is very simple. Every Jew believes ..that God provides food for the entire world in his goodness His kindness and His mercy…God is able to provide an income for every individual in the world is obvious He could provide him (the Jew) with the income in a different way. A Way that would not require any business dealings with non- Jew…that argument is not only contrary to our faith and is totally irrational in the height of foolishness. hence, it is clear that the true reason with meeting with the non-Jew is not to earn money. But to fulfill his halacha ( Jewish law) to propel all the inhabitants of the world to ACCEPT the commandments that are given to the sons of Noah, and the way to fulfill this obligation is by speaking about the subject with the non-Jew in a pleasant , friendly manner. .. indeed entire reason why God arranged this matter …that he needs to do business with non-Jews is ONLY SO that he will have an opportunity to fulfill this halacha obligation in an easier way as we now explained. ..God created the world in a such a way that every person must be both the giver and the receiver. Hence it is impossible that a particular created being should only be a receiver and not a giver. In the context of our discussion the Jews role is to influence the non-Jew to accept the commandments to the sons of Noah and hence the Jew is the GIVER and the non-Jew is the RECEIVER. But since it is impossible for any creature to be only a receiver, God also arranged things in a way that the non-Jew can also be a GIVER – he can help to PROVIDE AN INCOME FOR THE JEW. In such a way there is a better chance that the Jew will succeed in his role of INFLUENCING THE NON-JEW and his job would be easier. ( Since the non-Jew provides his income, of course)….he goes on to read…’however, in the situation where the non-Jew already feels that the Jew is receiving something from him financially will be much easier for the non-Jew to receive the Jews advice with respect of fulfilling the commandments that were given to the sons of Noah. To take this explanation the step further, the truth of the matter is, that the Jew in this situation is really the GIVER , for what he is giving to the non-Jew is not only relevant to spiritual matters BUT ALSO TO MATERIAL ONES. For by helping the non-Jew to fulfill the commandments that apply to him, the Jew is providing him the influence that touches upon the ultimate purpose and goal for what the non-Jew was created.

At 25:10 minute markings the rabbis keeps reading “On the other hand, the influence that the Jew receives from the non-Jew, is ONLY RELEVANT TO HIS INCOME and THEN IT IS ONLY A VESSEL for the blessing that comes from God, as God could of provided an income for the Jew WITHOUT THE INVOLVMENT OF THE NON-JEW. In this sense it is very different from the Jews influence to bringing the non-Jew to fulfill the commandments for the sons of Noah, which MUST COME THROUGH THE AGENCY OF A JEW….this activity MUST BE DONE BY A JEW with the emphasis that the non-Jew should accept these commandments …since non-Jew feels at any rate that the Jew NEEDS HIM to obtain his income, it will be EASIER TO PERSUADE the non-Jew to accept the Jews advice to observe these commandments. To put this very simply, when the business negotiations have been concluded, Jew should TURN TO THE NON-JEW and ask him for a few more minutes of his time for the sake of very important matter… should explain that this matter is for the personal good of the non-Jew and relates to the ability to fulfill HIS PURPOSE AND FUNCTION in the world-which is to fulfill the commandments that were given to the sons of Noah.

Here is the video

The Importance of Gentiles Believing in the One True G-d /beware-of-anti-gentile-hate-speech/

In the second part of my essay, we will examine the writings of the Rebbe Schneerson regarding the non-Jewish soul more in depth and I will bring you more examples of videos as well.

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carol wetherington
carol wetherington
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Has anyone ever read the Jesuit Code?

1 year ago

This reminds me of our earlier discussion about there being two different kinds of Jews. Very interesting article.

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