UPDATE: YouTube Banned The Video- 2nd Lockdown Already Certain? Asteroid Field Destroys USA and Tactical Nukes Take Out Specific Major Cities?

I published this in July and found out today that YouTube, the global-information-control socialist enabler for the anti-christ New World Order, banned the video. Thank you, A. Doyle, for letting me know. It means a lot to me.

This information is almost too strong to share. In fact, I would not share it at all if the person telling it was not so credible, faithful and reliable.

The lady talking is Yana Ben Nun, the wife of Steven. I have listened to Steven for years, and he is one of the most down to earth leaders in the community of Natsarim. He does not refer to himself as Natsari, but instead still calls himself a Christian. He keeps Torah and obeys the commands of Yahuah, but like many who do, he still uses the name “Jesus” and “Christian” no doubt so Christians can understand what he is talking about.

The Ben Nun family is Hebrew. He can trace his lineage back to one of the tribes, I forget which but I think the Levites. He cannot walk on water and has not raised anyone from the dead. He is a man, but he is devoted to Yahuah and to the truth.

His wife is shoulder to shoulder with him. She is so very in tune with what is happening in the world, and she works hard to help Steven get the facts out so that we will not be surprised by the enemy.

This video is Yana talking in their car. They have been busy moving out of Florida and to a safer location. They have contacts in various US and Israeli intel and defense agencies who provide information that is pertinent to Stevens interests. A big interest these days is corona virus, the mark, and the establishment of Jerusalem as the center of government for the entire world.

Israel has a policy of placing the interests of Israel above the interests of any other nation. If Israelis think it is in their interest to dispose of an ally, Israel will do it. Israel currently has some major construction contracts with China. Israel will provide China with special technologies, and China will build a major naval or maritime facility in Israel. It will be built right beside the docks where the USA parks its warships when in the area.

Trump has protested this decision, but that is all I currently know about it.

Remember that Israel was also involved in the destruction of the twin towers of 9/11. Google “dancing Israelis 911” and see for yourself. I saw them dancing with joy years ago. Israel was instrumental in killing over 3000 Americans in 9/11.

What Yana shares today in this video makes 9/11… well, this is not something that one actually wants to know, but she is obligated by the command of Yahuah to tell us, lest our blood be on her hands.

If youtube kills the video, please let me know in the comment section below. I have a backup copy.

If you want to read a stunning article on the history of the people in Israel today, read this. I cannot vouch for all of it, but enough of it is already known and verified by me that one can be relatively comfortable with the rest.  More information on the people in Israel is here.

If you read the linked information above, you can easily believe everything Yana shares in her video below.  Easily believe.

The Plan of The Enemy

Youtube killed the video.  Satanist bastards.


Here is my backup copy…



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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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Fr. Alan S. Doyle
Fr. Alan S. Doyle
3 years ago

Dear Jerry,

The video link on this page is NULL – do you have a backup copy, or a link to the Yana Ben Nun video?
Thanks – ‘appreciate you very much


Gloria Daniels
Gloria Daniels
3 years ago

YAH YAHUAH is even greater than this plan of the enemy !!!

3 years ago

Also on her website, the 2 messages prior .

Stay strong and much shalom…

3 years ago


Have a listen to Kimberly’s last message or two, she goes into Israels plan to dominate the world.

(May the traps they lay ensnare themselves.)

Welcome To The War
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