This is happening.  This is real.  This is the Beast system. 


Yesterday I watched a friend of mine exhibit something like a nervous breakdown in public.  She was ranting loudly inside a small structure, waving her arms frantically and obviously very, very angry over something that she considered a very bad thing.  The crime?  No space for her in some line that she needed to get into.

This woman is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel and a very solid, intelligent and reliable, informed conservative and truther.  To see her breaking down as she was obviously doing makes me very sad for her.  She apologized later, which was unsurprising, but my concern is for her mental and emotional state.  The times we are living in are going to become much more stressful.

Then I had a dream last night that added to my already considerable burden.

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November – Super Exciting As Trumps Team Tightens The Noose Around The Neck of Lyin’ Biden.

Originally posted on November 8, 2020 @ 7:07 am

Excitement builds as the evidence and proof that very many of Bidens “votes” were fake.  The next few weeks are going to be tremendously exciting.  The evidence is so overwhelming that I have a big, happy smile on my face knowing what is in store for the left. Continue reading “November – Super Exciting As Trumps Team Tightens The Noose Around The Neck of Lyin’ Biden.”

The Democrats Are Toast. Trump Will Serve His Second Term As President.

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This X22 video is so intriguing that I want to share it with you.  After listening to this last night and sleeping on it, I concluded that it is information that some of you will really be encouraged from.  Continue reading “The Democrats Are Toast. Trump Will Serve His Second Term As President.”

Prophesy – Dimitru Duduman – A Prophecy Of Moral Decay And Military Alliance To Defeat America

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Dumitru is from Romania where he lived under communist rule.  He received this prophecy from Yahuah which emphasized the sins of the Romanians and the subsequent communist rule as being a harbinger of the destruction that is coming to America due to Americas’s moral rot.  The alliance of the Arabs, the Russians and other nations against America is already happening in 2022.

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Apostle Charles Turner III – Beware November

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I just found this fellow last night, and loved listening to him. He is someone that I would definitely live to meet and know. Powerful, intelligent, a man who loves Yahuah. Continue reading “Apostle Charles Turner III – Beware November”

Chapter 8 And 9: Middle East War and World War III

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Prophecies of world war, or of Middle East war, of foreign invasion are rich and deep in certain prophecies. Prophecies that originate as far back as 1929, or 91 years ago, describing nuclear holocaust in America. These are the most painful to read or hear, and there Continue reading “Chapter 8 And 9: Middle East War and World War III”

Chapter 6: West Coast Seismic Events – Prophecies

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Sorry for the delay in getting this out. Had another incident regarding my sons, motorcycles and the police. Also had to run a kid off who just seems to think that a lifestyle of rebellion and stupidity is just fine. I gave him a few years to make better decisions, but he went too far.

Chapter 6 speaks to the destruction of the entire west coast of the United States. Multiple prophecies from multiple sources repeating the same warning for several decades now, all the way back to 1937. We will lose the entire west coast and all of the cities therein. Sounds like all in one day, from Baja to Canada, with damage as far in as Colorado. Continue reading “Chapter 6: West Coast Seismic Events – Prophecies”

Bitcoin: A Safe, Private Digital Currency To Replace The US Dollar?


Guarding your money is a necessity now.  Inflation is absolutely consuming every cent of purchasing power that we consumers have.  A week or more ago, I stopped in a convenience store on my way to work and bought a canned coke and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup with two of the large candies in it.  The total was six dollars and some change.  Six dollars for a soft drink that can be purchased wholesale for about .35 cents and a candy pack that probably cost .20 cents to make.  Nike used to make shoes in Malaysia for $4.75 and sell them in the USA for $75.00.

Things are cheap to make and there is zero reason for cokes and candy to cost that much.  It’s gouging, ripping off the consumers, calling it “inflation” because inflation is actually happening, just not in the carbonated and flavored water sector.  Water, last I checked, was still pretty cheap.

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Prophecy 2nd Week of October – The “Wicks” Are Lit. Dana Coverstone

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Re-listening to Pastor Dana Coverstone’s dream regarding October.  The “2nd week of October” is precisely 15 days away.  In the second week of October, according to his dream, the “wicks, like a firework” ignite in the heads of the select wicked.  This includes the governors, the federal officials and “everyone else”, a sudden Continue reading “Prophecy 2nd Week of October – The “Wicks” Are Lit. Dana Coverstone”

Prophecy – Dumitru Duduman – The Slaughter Of The Lukewarm Believers

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Dumitru Duduman was born to George and Escaterina Duduman on July 14, 1932 in Hintesti, Romania.  His native village is situated in the northeastern part of Romania near the Russian border.  Here Dumitru was brought up in the knowledge of God by his parents, but most of all from his grandfather, Costache, whom he loved deeply.  He grew accustomed to religious persecution at a very young age seeing his father and older brother, Costache, put in prison for their beliefs.  Although the rest of the family had not been arrested, they were ordered to hard labor in the Communist farmland projects.

Dumitru Duduman
The Black Army

– May 7, 1993 –

One night, while in Oregon, I dreamed the sky was getting dark. Then suddenly it turned pitch black! It was as if the whole world had gone dark at that moment! All the people were in a frenzy! They became disoriented, and some were even screaming. After some time, we heard the sound of an army approaching. Soon, we saw them coming out of the black mist. All were dressed in black, except one. That one seemed to be their leader. He was dressed in a red robe with a thick black belt over his waist. On his head, he had a sign. As I looked, I saw that in his hand he held the same kind of sharp spear as everyone else in his army.

“I am Lucifer!” he exclaimed. “I am the king of this world! I have come to make war against the Christians!” Continue reading “Prophecy – Dumitru Duduman – The Slaughter Of The Lukewarm Believers”

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