Megiddo: The Omega Code 2


It’s a 21 year old movie, one that I never heard of until tonight.  It was really well done and worth a watch if you like movies.  The acting is good enough and the anti-Christ figure is rather well done.  It follows the anti-Christ figure from about age 9 on.  Link to more information below.

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Prophecy – Dumitru Duduman: His Final Revelations – A City From The Sky, War With A Raging Bear, The Rule of Darkness

In 1973 Dumitru began smuggling large quantities of Bibles over the Russian border.  He had established many connections with outside missionaries who would supply him with Bibles.  Through many miraculous occurrencies, God continually protected Dumitru.  In one instance, God even blinded the eyes of the police so they would not see the car filled with Bibles that he was riding in.  In all of his years of smuggling Bibles he was never caught.

In 1979 based on information received from informants within the Christian church, Dumitru was arrested and brutally tortured for over five months.   Every means imaginable were used, from electric shock to breaking nine of his ribs trying to obtain the names of people that helped Dumitru smuggle Bibles.   With God’s help he never broke under the severe persecution, and he never revealed the names of his Christian borthers.

While Dumitru was in prison, God spoke to him through an angel, encouraging him not to fear for he still had much work to do.  He was told that he would be released and that he would smuggle Bibles into Romania and into Russia for another five years.  Just as the angel had said, after the death of the Colonel who was heading up the investigation, Dumitru was released and for another four years he faithfully did the work of God.

Over a fifteen-year period, with God’s help, Dumitru smuggled more than 300,000 Bibles and New Testaments into Russia alone, not taking into account the number of Bibles that he distributed throughout Romania.

A Warning To The Righteous

A warning – if you my brothers and dear sisters are not warning others every day to seek righteousness, you are failing to take the Truth to this dying world.  The blood of many will be on your head if you do not endeavor to warn them and to guide them to Truth.  You cannot keep silent on this, and you must act.  Cast your nets now.

The unrighteous must hear and read the Truth.  The seeds must be planted.  You are not called to harvest, but to plant.  Go. Plant.

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Why I Believe The Fifth Seal Might Be Our Redemption. It Is Close. Will You Be Redeemed?


I wrote this six months ago and saved it as a draft.  Then I forgot about it and just found it again, so I published it.  What are your thoughts on the outcome suggested?  – Jerry. Shabbat Shalom!

The Seven Seals prophecies are written in Chapter Six of The Revelation.  Of those Seven Seals, the first four are essential for the saved to know.  Why?  Because the first four seals deal with all of mankind, the saved and the lost.  The last three seals (five, six, seven) impact the people who are unsaved and probably those who become saved after the Fourth Seal, during the time of the Wrath of Yahuah.

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Chapter 2: Real Prophets VS False Prophets & Chapter 3: Famine In America Audio

Originally posted on September 19, 2020 @ 5:35 pm

Chapter two does a fine job of explaining how we can discern a true prophet from a false one, and this is important information.  Ultimately it is the Holy Spirit of Yahuah within us that recognizes a true prophet and subsequently leads us to follow or reject based on that spiritual discernment.

Listen carefully to chapter two:


Chapter Three

Famine is coming to America.  Store food, buy silver bullion, buy ammunition and own a couple of good firearms.  You will need food, good boots, clean drinking water, soap, first aid, medicine that you or your family might need.

Money is going to blow up.  Hyper-inflation will ignite food prices, and every day food costs a little bit more.  This is going to be very ugly and many of us will die.  If you are saved and obey the commands of Yahuah, physical death is great 🙂  But if you are a hard-head and deny Christ, you will die anyway and burn for your rebellion.

So EVERYONE – accept Jesus (Yahusha) as your Lord and obey the commands of His Father, Yahuah.

Prepare for Famine


Buy Michael Snyder’s book:

Love, Forgiveness, The X-Files, Losing, Winning and Peace


Enjoy the festivities of the season, because the battle resumes in January.  I’m laughing because the world we live in is so incredibly fallen that a rational person struggles to wrap his brain around it.  But just as I tell my son, don’t get overly concerned about all of the plans of the wicked, because I assure you that they don’t have the permission of Yahuah to execute them unimpeded by Him.

Yes certainly He will allow things by Satan which fall within the chastisement and punishment mandated by His Words for 2000+ years, and the vision of the sword coming to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous is absolutely swinging through the wheat fields even this very day.  But there will be more, faster, stronger, more devastating by a huge extent.

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Donald Trump All In On Homosexualism


There is no political solution to sin.  I will not support any candidate who indicates support for homosexualism in any way.  Homosexualism is an abomination to Yahuah and is punishable by death, the same as murder or adultery or incest.  Maybe Trumps’ name is on the Epstein list, and ‘they’ threatened Trump to support homosexualism “or else”.  – Jerry Davis

Donald J. Trump: “We are fighting for the gay community, and we are fighting and fighting hard.  With the help of many of the people here tonight in recent years, our movement has taken incredible strides, the strides you’ve made here is incredible.”

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Podcast – A Son Reborn Righteous On A Very Special Sabbath Day And Elders Who Deserve Enduring Praise


A sudden, 180 degree turn from wickedness.  My own turn from sin was likewise, 180 degrees and it happened in about 30 seconds.  It was permanent, and I have never looked back, nor have I “slipped up” and resumed my former wicked life, not even for one single hour for nearly 30 years.

Apparently my son had a similar conversion.  Not the same circumstance, but apparently the Holy Spirit simply changed him and it is time for Lukas to begin the race.  He is so in tune that I am considering putting him on here with his own podcasts and posts if he wants to do it.

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Pray That You Are Saved. Be Absolutely Certain Of Your Salvation, Because The Train Is Leaving The Station.


Words within words, the Words of Yahuah are deep with meaning, layer upon layer – the more we learn, the more we have to learn.  There is no end to His Words, no end to His Truth, no limit to His Love, no limit to His mercy.  We cannot possibly, not in 1000 lifetimes, comprehend the greatness of our Father.

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Pastors, Elders And Deacons -Which Position Is Unbiblical?


Important biblical information regarding leadership positions in the fellowship that follows Yahusha in obedience to the commands of Yahuah.  Authority in the body, or in the church, is assigned to whom?  Leadership falls to whom?  Decisions are made by whom, according the the Words?  Obedience is an example of what? And a contrite spirit is accompanied by a desire to do what?

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Welcome To The War