Podcast – News, Physics, Firmament, Deception

Podcast – I’m beginning to feel more comfortable doing these, but writing is still the golden key.  One big benefit of podcasts is how much more snappy and vigorous my verbal response is when I hear someone denigrate my Lord.  Maybe this is training for a more vocal role against the anti-christs in the near future.

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Lawlessness – The Cornerstone of Christian Faith

People wonder why the Christian Church is so weak and ineffective, unable to resist the most blatant wickedness of Satan.  It is not because God is weak, but rather because churches teach and made a cornerstone of the satanic lie that the Law no longer applies.  In effect, the Christian pastors have legitimized sin, therefore reaping the harvest that they themselves planted.  The delusion of the “grace doctrine” and the Christian war against Truth.

The Lord Yahuah will allow people to believe a huge error because they “did not receive the love of the truth.”

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The Word of Yahuah Implies Repeatedly That The Earth is Flat. Evidence Supports It.

Originally posted on July 1, 2019 @ 1:35 pm

Do you ever feel like you are in the “Matrix”, where everything you think is real is, in fact, a lie? Breaking out of that matrix is somewhat disconcerting. People might think you are “weird” and tell you that you are weird, because if you are correct, then THEY are weird and people just cannot bear to think they are “weird”.

But the opinions of people don’t count for much. We are all sinners, and if we are saved, it is by His grace alone that we will live.

It is therefore imperative that we know what we believe, and that we know WHY we believe it. A brilliant book on this subject is Continue reading “The Word of Yahuah Implies Repeatedly That The Earth is Flat. Evidence Supports It.”

African Swine Fever Spreads To The Dominican Republic. Food Manipulation To Diminish Meat Availability.

If pork becomes unavailable, a chicken at the grocer will cost maybe $20 or more.  Beef will not be an option for most Americans.  Synthetic meat will be “on the menu” of many people.  Stories on food availability are important to read and watch, and I’ve not found any that have a happy ending in months. Continue reading “African Swine Fever Spreads To The Dominican Republic. Food Manipulation To Diminish Meat Availability.”

The Truth Is Like A Kiss On The Lips: Find A Quiet Place To Study This. We Are In The Seven Years.

The calculations, done by perhaps the top, best-in-the-world doctor who treats covid patients early on when they display the symptoms, indicates 2,000,000,000 people will die.  He successfully and personally treated Donald J. Trump when Trump was diagnosed and hospitalized with Covid, as well as many other well-known people.

That 2 billion number is biblical, isn’t it?  Yes it is.  That is a “first three and one-half years of the tribulation” number.  That is a White Horse judgement number.  That is a First Seal number, and that number has its origins in the middle of the Holy Feast week of Sukkot, 2018.

Two billion dead bodies – all from what?  From what?  The mystery injections, that’s what.  Continue reading “The Truth Is Like A Kiss On The Lips: Find A Quiet Place To Study This. We Are In The Seven Years.”

Podcast: Famine, Floods, War, Giant Military Exercise

Sometimes I feel like the angel of death, delivering more and more tribulation news.  But in my heart I know that I am only warning people by giving them facts that align with the Seven Seals.  The Second Seal will most likely open this fall.  Look for a significant or even catastrophic war to break out in late October, maybe early November.  I look for Seals to open on or near Torah feast dates, and most of them are in the fall.  Some, but less, in spring.

If you will recall, Event 201 happened on October 18, 2019.  Sukkot was 13-20, 2019.  So in the midst of Sukkot, Event 201 was conducted, which started the Corona virus ghost chase and produced the mystery injections. Continue reading “Podcast: Famine, Floods, War, Giant Military Exercise”

Is The Pending (Immediate) FEMA Test Something Of Concern?

I am getting warnings about some kind of FEMA test that will transmit through cell phones and TV’s, allegedly on August 11th at 2PM. I do not know if its Central time or some other US time zone, so perhaps at 1PM Eastern, 2 PM Central, 3PM Mountain and 4PM Pacific Coast time. Here is a video with more information. I’m going to wrap my cell in four layers of aluminum foil. Continue reading “Is The Pending (Immediate) FEMA Test Something Of Concern?”

Podcast: Prepare To Defend Your Life

Let us not dance about the central issue any longer, yes?  You are being pressured to submit to the injection of mystery chemicals.  You are told that you can lose your job if you refuse.  You are told that you can lose your Social Security income of you refuse.  You are told that you will have to wear a bracelet identifying you as a sub-human if you refuse.

Yet these monsters will not even tell you what they are injecting into you.  Don’t you know why they refuse?

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We Are Threatened With Lockdowns From Variants Of A NON-EXISTANT Virus

“Covid-19” does not exist.  40 governments were required to produce the proof via Freedom of Information Requests, and none of them could produce proof.  ZERO.  The only thing about Covid-19 that was actually real was the government and media-induced panic  that drove the world over the edge. Continue reading “We Are Threatened With Lockdowns From Variants Of A NON-EXISTANT Virus”

15 Million Armed Unvaccinated Non-GMO American Men VS Anyone Else

Have you considered how many men and women who refuse to be injected are armed?  Do you understand that subduing 15,000,000 armed, determined fighters, all familiar with the local terrain, would likely be impossible?

If the Great Unvaxxed organized, wow.  The only remaining Non-GMO humans in America, with a fully Vaxxed military and fully vaxxed civilian population dropping like flies from coast to coast.

I saw that 81 percent of the US black population is Non-GMO, so good for them.

Welcome To The War