Food Is Becoming Scarce So Stock Up As Much As You Can NOW

Food is becoming scarce in places within the United States.  Monday I bought groceries at our local HEB grocery store, and they actually had warnings on their canned soup shelves stating that some kind of shortage was already in the pipeline.  Buy food in anticipation that the grocery stores will be closed or empty or rationing rather soon.


We could go on and on here about food shortage, but we get the idea. Buy dry beans, rice, salt, sugar, coffee (lots of all). As much as you have money to buy. Buy a good pair of boots for everyone in your family.

The list can go on for pages, but let’s not do that. Prepare as well as you can, and talk to Yahuah constantly. Pray a lot and make some friends who also love Yahuah. This is His show and He loves His children. He values mercy over sacrifice and He is merciful. He will be merciful to you if you are His. Worship Him. The ONLY worship He recognizes is obedience to His instructions for living, which is in the first five books of your Holy Bible.

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