“We Will Get Through This”

There is a man in the wilderness of Norway who keeps up with how Americans respond to the corona sham.  I love the guy because he does a lot of the same things I do.  He backpacks alone in wild country, and spends a lot of time considering things.

Personally, during the “lockdown, I spent several weeks alone in the mountains about 1300 miles from home.  I, too, considered things and determined that I was going to be productive and content.  In short, I have had a very pleasant corona experience.

I do not think Bjorn understands any of this from a biblical perspective, but we can still learn a lot from him.

Enjoy this video from Bjorn Andreas / Bull-Hansen.

Statistics/Numbers/Documentation – The MASK Requirement Is A Fraud

It is simple to see that the mask does nothing to stop the spread of the corona virus.  The mask therefore does nothing to contribute to good health, other than blocking an occasional sneeze.
So what is the purpose of the mask, then?  Would it be to beat down entire cultures?  Because if the mask requirement is allowed to stand, then what other unnecessary steps are being demanded by governments world wide?
Layoffs?  Business closures?  Food shortages?  Separatism?  Fear?
Are those attributes of mask submission helping or hurting you and your family?  But you submit to intense social pressure, fueled by fear and intimidation, which serves to encourage more tyranny.
So the only real purpose of the mask is to make you a bill board, a neon sign that screams “I am terrified of (corona virus/government/social pressure).  And as long as you submit to the mask, you are doing your part to force the rest of humanity to also kneel to what inevitably will emerge as the government of the Beast.

The Data Proves Mask Submission Is Based On Fear, Not Science

See for yourself.  Mask submission, or mask kneeling, does not modify corona spread at all.  Zero.  None.  And how can it?  The masks can’t filter out viruses or bacteria.  Period.  Impossible.  Not even an idiot believes these masks do anything other than symbolize terror of government and terror of peer pressure.

I could word this much, much more strongly, but I won’t.  I will simply let those among you with guts make your own decision.  Those among you who live in fear and terror, remember this – the Anti-christ will execute you if you stand with Yahusha.  If you cannot stand up against the nonsensical mask requirement of local government, how well will you do when there is a gun to your head regarding Yahusha?

And please, don’t reply “Well!  That’s JESUS we’re talking about.  I will die for Jesus”.


From The Federalist

These 12 Graphs Show Mask Mandates Do Nothing To Stop COVID

These 12 Graphs Show Mask Mandates Do Nothing To Stop COVID

No matter how strictly mask laws are enforced nor the level of mask compliance the population follows, cases all fall and rise around the same time.
Masks have become a political tool and a talisman. When COVID-19 hit, governments panicked and created enormous fear. The Centers for Disease Control currently estimates a COVID-19 survival rate of 99.99 percent for people younger than 50, but the damage created by the panic was too great to undo.

It is likely that some politicians eventually realized their mistake and needed a way to back-pedal without admitting their lockdowns were a policy disaster. Their solution was for people to put any old piece of cloth across their face and magically believe that it’s okay to go out shopping again.

Masks are not merely a small inconvenience. They have inadvertently become a key impediment to returning to a more normal life, a desirable goal for those seeking to twist the pandemic for political and electoral purposes.

Masks dehumanize us, and ironically serve as a constant reminder that we should be afraid. People can now be spotted wearing masks while camping by themselves in the woods or on a solo sailing trip. They have become a cruel device on young children everywhere, kindergarten students covered by masks and isolated by Plexiglas, struggling to understand the social expressions of their peers. Face coverings are causing real harm to the American psyche, provide little to no medical benefit, and distract us from more important health policy issues.

The mask dogma had many cracks in it from the start. For one, the U.S. surgeon general and the Centers for Disease Control both previously said that “masks are NOT effective in preventing [the] general public from catching coronavirus,” so they were already starting with a credibility deficit. Furthermore, many officials have been frequently caught without masks when they think the cameras are off them. Dr. Anthony Fauci, for example, has been caught doing this multiple times.

Chicago’s mayor and local media were all caught taking off their masks and violating social distancing as soon as a press conference ended. This was caught in a now deleted YouTube video that was shared by a now deleted Twitter account after being retweeted more than 26,000 times. As of the date of this publication, it is still available to view in a crude video of a video that has yet to be deleted on YouTube.

Clearly, some people do not want you to see what politicians do behind the scenes. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, a strong advocate for mandatory masking, was caught off camera laughing about how wearing masks is an act of “political theater.”

Faking ‘Science’ to Achieve Political Goals

These same politicians and health officials are so desperate to make people believe in masks that they doctor charts to make their case, even when their own data actually undermines them. So what is the actual science behind masks? Let’s begin by reviewing the leading scientific studies.

The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University summarized six international studies which “showed that masks alone have no significant effect in interrupting the spread of ILI or influenza in the general population, nor in healthcare workers.” Oxford went on to say that “that despite two decades of pandemic preparedness, there is considerable uncertainty as to the value of wearing masks.” They prophetically warned that this has “left the field wide open for the play of opinions, radical views and political influence.”

study of health-care workers in more than 1,600 hospitals showed that cloth masks only filtered out 3 percent of particles. An article in the New England Journal of Medicine stated, “[W]earing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection” and that “[T]he desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.”

There are many other credible studies showing lack of mask efficacy, such as studies published in the National Center for Biotechnology InformationCambridge University PressOxford Clinical Infectious Diseases, and Influenza Journal, just to name a few.

Studies do show masks can help in the case of direct respiratory droplets, which would matter if somebody is coughing, breathing, or sneezing directly on your face. That happens normally in a tight and highly confined space.

But the plentiful evidence we have indicates masks would not meaningfully help with aerosol transmission, where two people are just in the same area, or even the same room. This is because the two people end up breathing the same air, with or without a mask, as visually demonstrated in this video.

Now for Graphs about International Mask Mandates

Historical scientific studies do not make a compelling case that universal masking would meaningfully help, so let’s explore real-world situations to see where data leads us.

Austria was one of the first governments to require masks, and it did so about 10 days after its cases began to go down. The level of downtrend did not change or improve after masks were required. After the nation’s people wearing masks for an extended period, cases are currently four times where they were when Austria mandated masks, and cases continue to climb.

Germany mandated masks about halfway down its original recovery. Their cases are now similarly climbing quickly.

The French now have around 1,000 percent more daily cases they had when they mandated masks, despite having one of the highest mask compliance levels in the world.

Spain was not far behind its French neighbor with a mandate. Spain required masks when cases were near zero and has the highest compliance with mask-wearing in all Europe. Now Spain is at around 1,500 percent the level of cases compared to when it mandated masks.

After three months of requiring masks, the United Kingdom is at around 1,500 percent more cases despite having one of the highest mask compliance records in Europe.

Belgium required masks shortly after the British did, and now possibly has the highest rate of cases in the world.

Italy had extremely high levels of mask-wearing despite no national mandate. Recently skyrocketing cases finally compelled them to create one of the strictest mask laws in the world, but the results have predictably failed to slow the rise in coronavirus cases. In fact, cases skyrocketed immediately after the mask mandate went into effect.

Similar results have been found in Ireland, Portugal, Israel, and many other countries. No matter how strictly mask laws are enforced nor the level of mask compliance the population follows, cases all fall and rise around the same time.

How about the United States? Americans have proven to be highly compliant with mask wearing, even higher than the Germans.

It is therefore no surprise that the same trends found in Europe are also found in U.S. states. For example, California required masks in June but cases still went up by more than 300 percent and the state remains heavily locked down four months later with still higher cases.

Hawaii suffered one of the most economically devastating lockdowns of all the U.S. states. It was also an early mover on mandating masks both indoors and outdoors, but cases still went up by almost 1,000 percent.

With and without mask mandates, Texas and Georgia followed nearly identical case development.

For those more interested in comparing deaths than cases, we again don’t see a pattern of masks meaningfully helping.

Why Don’t Masks Work?

Why don’t masks work on the general public? For one, if you read the fine print on most consumer masks you will see something along the line of “not intended for medical purposes and has not been tested to reduce the transmission of disease.” Masks can work well when they’re fully sealed, properly fitted, changed often, and have a filter designed for virus-sized particles. This represents none of the common masks available on the consumer market, making universal masking much more of a confidence trick than a medical solution.

If we actually wanted effective masks, then manufacturers should be conducting scientific tests evaluating masks specifically for their ability to reduce the spread of coronavirus. The Food and Drug Administration and CDC should be making recommendations on which masks to use and approving masks based on their scientific efficacy rather than promoting the wrapping of any piece of miscellaneous cloth around your face.

Many powerful institutions have too much political capital invested in the mask narrative at this point, so the dogma is perpetuated.

Effective masks, if they exist, should then be distributed to highly vulnerable groups for use only in rare and extenuating circumstances. There would be little point for the population at large to wear masks all the time because while focused protection may be possible, it is not possible to eradicate the virus at this point or stop its spread.

Our universal use of unscientific face coverings is therefore closer to medieval superstition than it is to science, but many powerful institutions have too much political capital invested in the mask narrative at this point, so the dogma is perpetuated. The narrative says that if cases go down it’s because masks succeeded. It says that if cases go up it’s because masks succeeded in preventing more cases. The narrative simply assumes rather than proves that masks work, despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary.

The narrative further ignores places like Sweden and Georgia, which never required masks in the first place, and it suppresses new scientific evidence if it doesn’t support desired political results, such as data from the world’s only randomized trial investigating if masks actually protect from COVID-19. Even a Nobel laureate has been canceled because his COVID charts and data were found to be undesirable.

History does not bode well for times that politics meddles with science. Martin Kulldorff, a professor at Harvard Medical School and a leader in disease surveillance methods and infectious disease outbreaks, describes the current COVID scientific environment this way: “After 300 years, the Age of Enlightenment has ended.

In the end, it will be the loss of credibility in our scientific institutions, and the unnecessary division they have sowed among us, for which masks will be remembered.

Yinon Weiss is a tech entrepreneur, a U.S. military veteran, and holds a degree in bioengineering from U.C. Berkeley. Follow him on Twitter.
Photo Yinon Weiss / The Federalist

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This is your time. Shine, dear brothers, beloved sisters. Shine.

I could use some prayer.

In the last 90 days or so, my best friend for 47 years died of cancer and meth addiction, alone in a hospital 200 miles away.  He ended badly, as I knew he would, and his life revealed his love of self.  But he and I were close friends for decades.  We met at church camp when we were 12.  More precisely, we met in a gang fight at church camp, an irony that we laughed about forever.

We were on opposing sides, lined up with our belts wrapped around our fists, ready to smash faces and skulls with the heavy buckles.

Fortunately, the dinner bell rang and we all ran to the cafeteria to eat the last meal of the day.

We met again in junior high, where I established myself as his physical superior.  But he had spunk.  Guts.  Skinny as a broom handle with nerves of steel.  He and I, along with some other fellows, had epic adventures together doing things that I will eventually share with my own sons, but only after they are grown, married and with children.

Lane Alton McCarty, who jumped the Lotus Lane railroad crossing on a Suzuki GS-1000 motorcycle going 100 miles per hour (that’s 161 kph, Australia 🙂 with Gary Wayne Hill on the back.  He did it on a bet for a chicken fried steak, and he was 20.

Nerves of steel.

He got busted a few years later in possession of a fully automatic machine gun when a DEA agent was brought to his house to participate in and witness a deal for one gallon of cocaine.

I saw it on the news the night it happened.

Lane was addicted to crack cocaine at that time, and sold a lot of coke and X.  Then he got busted and dropped the drugs.

He was a success in some high-end software development around age 47.  He earned $200kUSD one year.

He was not a handsome dude, by any stretch of the imagination.  But he was a character, and although he lived in darkness, he was still my beloved friend.

He died alone because he was angry at me.  The meth owned him at some point, and when I leaned on him hard about that, he turned away from me for the last two years of his life.  As he lay dying in Houston, he was too proud, stubborn and hard-hearted to let me know.  I’m sure he was also ashamed at his condition, but pride leads us to death, and pride led him.

Shortly after that, my wife divorced me.

She said that she was just “not into” me, that I was a loser and some other, worse things.  She didn’t tell me she wanted a divorce, she just had me served with divorce papers in the parking lot of my workplace one Friday afternoon as I walked to my car.

I looked to the heavens and said “Thank you, God.”

In all the years of my personal devotion to Yahuah, she never picked up the Book to read it.  I do not know why she married me, because I was just as devoted when I met her.

She crys now, and tells me that she made a mistake, that she wants us to be together.  But I don’t see that happening.  For over a decade I prayed for her and our marriage, my guts twisting in sorrow and angst for years over her abuse of me, both emotionally and physically, sometimes quite violently.

And the week I prayed for Yahuah to end our marriage, she filed and set me free.

Last Saturday my sisters, brother and I said goodbye to our beloved mother, who died after 20 years of severe Lupus, multiple strokes, brain surgery, knee replacement, and Alzheimers.  She was my only hero, a mother who did many things wrong but burned herself up doing the absolute best she could for her children.  She is great in the Kingdom of heaven, and I will see her soon.

The loss of two people so important to me, and the end of my marriage and the dissolution of the family of my three young boys is taking a toll on me.  There is an emotional burden on me that I find exceedingly hard to bear.  When people ask me how I am holding up, I tell them that it is difficult in ways that are hard to explain.  It is a pain that I do not understand, and it is deep, a mystery sorrow than I cannot out maneuver.

So please, I need your prayers.  And I need to focus on teaching – science.  Yet I cannot muster the drive to begin the march.  I am depleted, exhausted, depressed, weary of human life.  I just no longer want to participate in this life.

Yet I must.

There is much to do, and little time to do it.  The times, time and half a time are beginning soon.  The Third Temple will get built, I can feel it surging in time.  There is an urgency in Israel, almost frantic, to get it built.  The abomination that brings desolation will soon stand in the Holy place within the Temple.  That abomination might just be a human/machine hybrid, as that will certainly be an abomination to Yahuah.

The human is almost certainly chosen already.  The machine/Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration will wait until it is time for him to setp forward as the false Messiah.  The Red Dragon, which is quite possibly Communist China, will roll out its social engineering software world-wide in order to ensnare those who keep the commands of Yahuah and have the testimony of Yahusha.

The AI-controlled false Messiah will do wonderous acts indeed, and the Red Dragon will hunt down we who follow the Word.  Many of us will be executed, but none of us will be deceived.  Yahuah will dwell within us, and He will speak through us to Kings and rulers regarding the times, the Truth and their destiny with Satan.

Flee if you must.  Be prepared to flee.  Know where you will go and what you will need to travel and live off of.  Be prepared to defend yourselves.  If you live in one of the nations where you have already been disarmed and made defenseless, consider America for a long-term visit.  Millions of believers here are quite well armed.

You do not have to defend yourself.  You might choose to meekly surrender, and there is honor in that.  Why put off going home?

My only concern is my children.  I will do everything possible to keep them away from the beast.

Eventually this web site and all others like it will disappear from the web.  The Chinese government already scans my site, and there is my name, plastered all over the place 🙂  But I intended that.  I am honored beyond words to be saved by Yahuah.  I will be deeply grateful to be decapitated for following the Way.  For sure.  For sure.

I urge you to be strong in your faith.  Do not fear the future, and do not fear these enemies.  There is NOTHING on this earth that has any value other than our love for others.  It is the love from YOU that is valuable.  In all of humanity, only the love FROM people is valuable.  Not gold, possessions, property or power – only love FROM us to others has value.

Love, then.  Love the clerk in the grocery store.  Love the policeman.  Love the teachers, the students, the neighbor.  Love every living soul you meet.  Show them you love them.  Look them in the eyes and talk to them.  Laugh.  Be close.  And at the perfect moment – when they are open and listening to you – tell them that Jesus wants them to follow Him.  Then walk away.

Leave those words rattling around in the minds of people you meet.  Plant as much seed as you can while there is time to plant.  Someone will harvest the crop in due time.

The rise of the wicked will be an incredible time for the faithful.  Millions of people will realize that the Bible is true, and they will desperately want answers.  This is your time.  Shine, dear brothers, beloved sisters.



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What Kind Are You? How Do You Know?

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The book called “James” in the Holy Bible has a short few verses on hearing and doing the Word that is wonderful in its clarity. Continue reading “What Kind Are You? How Do You Know?”

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The Most Powerful Covid-19 Investigative Legal Team In Germany Launches Huge USA Class Action

Covid-19 is proven a total sham.  It is proven without any doubt that the covid-19 drama is pure theater, with layer upon layer of lies and deception.  Apparently, the situation was manipulated to create wealth through fear and to advance global totalitarianism.

Update – Youtube banned the video “Crimes against Humanity”, but I still have it.

“Covid-19” – Its a fraud.  It is a totally false “pandemic”.  A global class-action lawsuit, led by one of the most powerful and effective law teams in the world is being launched and folks, these guys take care of business.

Video and full transcript are below.  Listen and read to absorb the full impact of the facts.  It’s important for you and your family.  Reading and listening will definitely make you stronger.  It is worth your time, I promise.

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