War Is Coming. The Time Is NOW To Prepare Yourself & Your Families For It.

Originally posted on May 29, 2019 @ 9:49 pm

The war drums are beating, the world is becoming a brittle, antagonistic hive of tribes, and war is looming.  Yahusha commands His people to arm themselves, so if you have not adequately done that, you blatantly disobey the one you call “god”.  If He is the one you believe, then believe.

I understand that many of you live in countries that forbid you to own meaningful weapons.  You must decide whose command is greater – Continue reading “War Is Coming. The Time Is NOW To Prepare Yourself & Your Families For It.”

Do You Love The Values of Antifa? Thank A Teacher.

The students rioting, looting, burning and destroying iconic American symbols have one major thing in common: nearly all of them went to public schools.  If you don’t think what is taught to kids in public schools is the single greatest contributor to the madness sweeping through young people today, you are either one of them, a teacher, or incapable of rational thought.

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Churches Have Become The #1 Target For Hate Attacks

Originally posted on April 23, 2019 @ 10:30 am

Churches Have Become The #1 Target For Hate Attacks – An Average Of 105 Every Single Month

The bombings in Sri Lanka have once again put a spotlight on the rising tide of violence against Christians all over the world.According to Open Doors USA, an average of 105 churches and/or Christian buildings are burned or attacked every month.  That is more than three per day, and almost all of those attacks get ignored by the mainstream media in the western world.  In addition, an average of 345 Christians are killed for faith-related reasons every single month.  Of course these numbers will soon be out of date, because Continue reading “Churches Have Become The #1 Target For Hate Attacks”

Knock Knock! “Who’s There?” :)

Originally posted on January 18, 2019 @ 12:03 pm

05:49 AM, Friday.  On the headphones is the band Imagine Dragons, an Indi Rock band that I have grown quite fond of.  The album is EVOLVE, and the music is great.  Just fantastic, and I like it at about 50 percent volume.  Louder would be just fine for me, but not for my ears.

The particular tune playing as I start this is the song “Rise Up”.

I encourage you to read and study the Word of Yahuah.  Trust Him, lean on Him, and never try to “figure Him out”, because you can’t.  No one can.  Paul tells us that Yahuah is “inscrutable”, and that means “you cannot figure Him out”. Continue reading “Knock Knock! “Who’s There?” :)”

Flipping For Jesus

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philipians 4:6-7

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“I Can’t Breathe” – Google Chokes Conservatism To Death

Rampant discrimination by Google has just today killed advertising revenue for two of my best sources of secular news: Zero Hedge and The Federalist.  I found out after reading Zero Hedge, then a good article in The Federalist regarding the Supreme Court decision on sex or gender, and then opening the tab of a third article I was interested in, only to be slapped in the face by Google stabbing those two news sites with bans on ad revenue.

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When I Was A Boy, I Saw The Burning Crosses

Our website (jerrywdavis.com) was down for a few days and during that time, I had 1/2 dozen really great post ideas for you that I could not write.  Fortunately, our site is back up.  Unfortunately, I cannot remember any of those great story ideas.  But this might stimulate some thought: Continue reading “When I Was A Boy, I Saw The Burning Crosses”

“Justice” According To Zombies | Preparing For The Inevitable

A couple of things crossed my mind today, and both of them are worth sharing with you today.  One of those things is this: the criminals rampaging through our major cities demand Continue reading ““Justice” According To Zombies | Preparing For The Inevitable”

Welcome To The War