Do You Think You Know What Sin Is?

Originally posted on August 27, 2017 @ 10:00 pm

Sitting in Sunday School this morning, our teacher asked everyone to turn to 1st John, chapter three, verse four.  I love this scripture, as it defines what sin is.  Let me ask you, before you go further, what is sin?

Its clearly defined for us.  My Pastor said “We should believe what Jesus says about the Word of God”., and he is right.  My Pastor also said “When we contradict Yahweh, we blaspheme Him”, which is also true.

So what is sin, brothers?

Most people in your church, including you, likely do not know.  Our Pastors teach continually the necessity of “not sinning”.  We all know sin = bad.  We all know we are sinners, yet as Paul said, we do continually obey our flesh and deny our minds, ultimately we sin.  But sin can be avoided, because Yahuah tells us plainly each sin.  In writing.

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Data Seems To Indicate Coronavirus Is Not Nearly As Dangerous As Assumed

This might be hard to accept, owing to the global panic over coronavirus or CoViD-19, but I have looked at numbers carefully for weeks and it is looking likely that this new disease is not much of a threat at all.

Let me give you some examples, and a detailed report from a different source.

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Democrat Facebooks “I I hope Trump is assassinated”

Originally posted on August 10, 2019 @ 6:00 am

A Missouri state senator said in a now-deleted Facebook post that she hopes President Donald Trump is assassinated.

Maria Chappelle-Nadal acknowledged on Thursday that she wrote a post which read: “I hope Trump is assassinated!”

She made the comment in an exchange with a left-wing activist who claimed that his cousin is a Secret Service agent.

Chappelle-Nadal confirmed to a reporter with St. Louis TV station KMOX that she posted the comment.

“I put something up on my personal Facebook page and it has now been deleted,” she said.

Chappelle-Nadal, a Democrat, represents a district in a St. Louis suburb.

It is not clear exactly what prompted Chappelle-Nadal’s comment. But it was likely made in response to a discussion about the ongoing controversy over Trump’s comments about the violence in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend.

According to KMOX, U.S. Secret Service in St. Louis is looking into Chappelle-Nadal’s post.

State and national politicians called on Chappelle-Nadal to resign over the remarks, but she says she has no plans to do so.

Stephen Webber, the chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party, called the comments “indefensible.”

“All sides need to agree that there is no room for suggestions of political violence in America — and the Missouri Democratic Party will absolutely not tolerate calls for the assassination of the President,” he said.

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill said that the comments were “outrageous” and that Chappelle-Nadal “should resign.”

Chapelle-Nadal told the Springfield News-Leader that she regretted her post but said she has no plans to resign.

“Hell no!” she said when asked by a reporter if she will quit her position.

This post has been updated with additional information.


Missouri Senator: ‘I Hope Trump Is Assassinated!’

Keeping Torah or Sabbath Makes any Non-Jew “Obligated To Die”, According to Noahide Law

Originally posted on August 10, 2019 @ 6:00 am

If you want to understand where you stand with the Rabbis, watch this video. Acccording to their writings and current beliefs, any “gentile” (they consider all non-Jews to be “gentiles”. That is incorrect. Any UNSAVED non-Jew is, scripturally, a gentile. A SAVED non-Jew is, scripturally, ISRAEL.) is unworthy to follow, study or read Torah.

Melachim uMilchamot Chapter 9

And remember my vision of the sword coming to the earth? The Rabbis predict their own demise.

The Rabbis unknowingly predict their own destruction.

It is the Rabbis who teach Torah not in accordance with Yahuah’s LAW.

Leviticus 24:22 – New International Version
You are to have the same law for the foreigner and the native-born. I am the LORD your God.'”

Exodus 12:49 – New International Version
The same law applies both to the native-born and to the foreigner residing among you.”

One Law for all.

Personal: Family Division Is To Be Expected; Peace is Not

This blog has existed in one form or another for maybe 20+ years.  It has been a marvelous tool for sharing.  What do I share?  My sorrows, mostly.  I often regret living, though I love my Yahuah.  He loves me, and never once told me that my path would be easy.  Indeed, it has been difficult from the beginning of my very life.  My childhood was hard.  I was beaten, slapped, whipped with a steel-tipped belt, with clothes hangars, sticks, a bull whip, extension cords.

But faithful, I was.  Contemplative.  Thoughtful.  I read newspapers when I was just a boy.  When I was 10 years old I followed closely the Vietnam war.  I read of a man named Buford T Puser on  my mother’s sofa one day when I was 15 years old, wondering why a fellow who died far away would be on the front page of a small town local newspaper.  A few years later, I saw the movie.

I learned in my growing up that fidelity is rare.  People seem obsessed with themselves, loving those who will help them in their pursuit of self, and hating anyone who stands in the way of selfish actions.  My friends loved me, I suppose, because I could help them get things they wanted.  Notoriety, local hero status, “popularity”.  Whatever.

I noticed that the more money I made, the more “friends” I had.

But I had some good friends.  A few.  A few who would fight for me.  Defend me.  Friends.

Marriage is different.  Sometime in the 1970’s, maybe 1979?, I was busy flipping my motorcycle end over end, a triple-gainer that ended with my back broken and me laying flat on that back checking my fingers, toes and teeth by wriggling the toes as I clung tightly to the grass in a spread-eagled position.  I checked my teeth by running my tongue over them.  I held that grass in order to prevent any spasms from twisting my back and potentially doing nerve damage.

My friend, Lane McCarty (deceased-2019), rolled up on his motorcycle, scared.  But there he was and he cared about me.

As my motorcycle had been flipping end over like, as Lane loved to tell it, Lee Majors crash in the old TV show “The Six Million Dollar Man”, I prayed to Yahuah two things: I wanted an education and I wanted a family.

So perhaps you can imagine how I felt yesterday when my ex-wife and I were in counseling together and she was telling the counselor how my sons dislike me and do not want me back in their lives.

I am so sad over this, because before my ex filed for divorce, I had some good boys.  But now that I am a out of their lives, they generally get to do what they want to do, as their mother will appease them in order to take pressure of herself.  No discipline.  The public school told her that they would take custody of one of my boys if she failed to get him to school again this past semester.  And his brother was arrested on felony racketeering charges at age 14, only about four months after she divorced me.

Why did she divorce me?  I do not know.  There is no actual reason.  She is simply not stable, but is quite wealthy and has always been given whatever she wanted.  She grew up unsupervised and lived a wicked life, turning things around only after alcoholism almost destroyed her around age 30.  That is when I met her, and she came after me with gusto, telling me that she wanted to give me my first son on our second date.

And she lied to me.

Within 90 days of marrying her she was abusing me badly.  I’ll spare you that.  But her abuse never stopped,. and her desire for me never returned.  Not in 15 years.

So I’m hung.  My sons, whom I adore, tell her that they don’t want me around any more.  Of course not.  I make them attend school, go to bed, eat, clean their rooms, get off the digital devices, limit the “spending the night”, make them brush their teeth, and attempt to get them to read.

An example – the 12 yr old asked me this week if I would buy him a new X-Box game.  We were in my 4Runner directly across from a game store.  I replied that if he started doing the chores that he needed to do in order to earn a new game, I would be happy to buy it for him.  So I asked “Are you willing to earn it?”  And he replied “No.”

Why did he reply “No”?

Because he knows for certain that he can nag his mother into buying it for him with no effort required.  So nope, they do not want me around to mess that up.

Its much more than that, obviously.  But had my ex not lied to me before we were married, I would not have married her.  That is for sure.  And my reasoning proved true.

I’m complaining, aren’t I?

Its the pressure.  I’m making some changes in my life, some big ones, and all that plus the thing with my kids not wanting me around is frying my brain.

Want to hear a dream I had 15 years ago?  I think I’ll share it with you.  But I have to go eat first…

Ahhh, back.

Some background – I had met Meredith already when I had the dream, but I had not married her.

In the dream, I was driving my SUV down a residential street in a super green area with a waterfall beside the road.  There was a Porsche 911 parked across from the only house on the road that I could see.  Suddenly, a torrential downpour started.  It was raining like it was the flood again, and my SUV started swirling around and around, with me furiously fighting for control until a voice spoke clearly “let go of the wheel”.  I replied “If I let go, I’ll lose control.”  Again the voice said “let go”.  Well, I didn’t have control anyway, so I let go and the instant I let go, the rain was gone and I could see three little boys walking away from me on the sidewalk in front of the house.

In the door of the house stood Meredith.  She looked disheveled, like she had just gotten out of bed.  She was speaking to the boys, who I knew were our sons.  Again, we were not married at the time I had this dream.

So I watched as these three boys walked down the street to school, wearing backpacks with earbud wires hanging out, needing haircuts and dressed in jeans.  Their heights were all as they are now.  The youngest, Nathan, who is age five currently, walked in front, blonde hair flowing in the breeze.  Lukas and Michael walked behind him, side by side.

And that was the end of the dream.

The boys in the dream precisely match my sons today.  And my only takeaway is that at this time in my life, I must let go of trying to control.  I have to let go.

Scary for a control freak like me.  But I am sure that the dream is of Yahuah and that I am supposed to let go.

What does that mean, exactly?

Some of you write to me and I appreciate your love for Yahuah.  Please pray about this and send me your thoughts, OK?  I really need some fellowship on this.

Pray about my new teaching assignment, which begins Monday, March 2nd.  I do need a lot of prayer, as I am going through that storm in the dream.  I need to let go, but I am afraid of what that means.  I need to let go.  Am commanded to let go.  Help me let go.

“I came to hurl fire into the earth, and what will I if it already has been lit?
But I have a baptism to be immersed in, and how am I pressed until it is done! Do you think that I came to give peace in the earth? No, I say to you, But rather division. For from now on five in one house will have been divided, three against two, and two against three. Father will be divided against son, and son against father; mother against daughter, and daughter against mother; mother-in-law against her bride, “and the bride against her mother-in-law.” Luke 12:49-53, Mic. 7:6

Movie Set for Release: “The Hunt” – Is About Rich Liberals Hunting And Killing Conservatives For Sport

Originally posted on August 8, 2019 @ 10:31 am

I copied the “Hunt” article below (and linked – visit them) from Fellowship Of The Minds, a website that I have subscribed to for several years. It is a Bible-believing news site and Dr. Eowin has her hands full trying to fight off the internet ghouls who try to shut her down, block her domain, etc. She published this information on this movie, and I thought you might need to be aware of it. Movies where liberals kill conservatives –  from a major Hollywood studio, Paramount.

Just be aware. If this hits theaters, it will be a flop, except the liberals who really do want to kill conservatives will ALL go see it. Just what we need after the Dayton and EL Paso shootings. El Paso – eyewitnesses to multiple shooters (government lying about single shooter and more). Dayton – a sick, ultra liberal raised by gun-hating liberal government-worker dad and like-minded mother.

Connor Betts – Dayton Killer, Progressive, Anti-Christ – liberal home.

New movie ‘The Hunt’ depicts liberal elites hunting Trump supporters for sport

In the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton won the bi-coastal “blue states”, whereas Donald Trump won the “red states” in the heartland — what the MSM call “fly over country” and liberal elites like Katie Couric call “this great unwashed middle of the country”.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, in a speech at an LGBT fundraiser in Manhattan on September 10, 2016, Hillary Clinton called Trump’s supporters “a basket of deplorables” who are “irredeemable” racists, homophobes and xenophobes.

Now there’s a movie depicting rich liberal elites hunting and killing “deplorables”.

On September 27, 2019, Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions will release an ultra-violent, R-rated “horror thriller” movie, The Hunt, depicting rich elites hunting Americans in fly-over red states like Arkansas, for sport.

The Hunt is produced by (((Jason Blum))), directed by (((Craig Zobel))), written by (((Damon Lindelof))) and Nick Cuse, and stars Hillary Swank, Emma Roberts, Betty Gilpin, and Ike Barinholtz.

Here’s the trailer, which ESPN pulled over the weekend because of the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings.

From Breitbart:

The film, which has been described as a gory satire featuring actresses Hilary Swank and Betty Gilpin, follows a group of elites who stalk and murder conservatives in red states. The hunters are fueled by their hatred of the “MAGA-type” characters and their right-leaning positions. While the term “deplorables” may not be explicitly stated in the trailer, Daily Mail notes that the “hunted” were, in fact, described as “deplorables” in the screenplay.

The film was originally called Red State Vs. Blue State,” the Daily Mail reports.

It is not clear whether the filmmakers are sympathetic to the “Deplorables” or the “hunters.” Nevertheless, Blumhouse founder Jason Blum is a notorious Trump-hater who was booed off stage at the 32nd Israeli Film Festival in Los Angeles last year after blaming the president for the rise of anti-Semitism.

Hollywood Reporter quotes from The Hunt‘s screenplay:

“Did anyone see what our rat-in-chief just did?” one character asks…. Another responds: “At least The Hunt’s coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “From a business perspective, The Huntpresents a gamble for Universal in these divided times.”

That’s because a similar movie — the so-called black comedy Assassination Nation, a 2018 movie written and directed by (((Sam Levinson))) — had bombed in the box office. Like The HuntAssassination Nation also pitted liberals against conservatives in very violent fashion. Although the movie represented the top sale at Sundance 2018 at $10 million, Assassination Nation fizzled upon its release, earning just $2 million with no international rollout. Says one person involved with that film, “We thought people would get the joke.”


The Tribulation Begins. Yahuah Strikes His Enemies Beginning In Wicked China.

The Coronavirus /CoViD-19 or the Wuhan Flu, the Chinese Flu or any other name you want to call it is an act from Yahuah.  It is a tribulation event, no longer a birth pang, but the birthing.

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Chinese Doctors Begin Large Dose Vitamin C / Ascorbic Acid Treatment For Coronavirus. The Process…

I discussed here a week ago that Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a very special molecule, as the Chinese are now discovering…

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Chinese Government Secretly Burning Thousands of Dead Coronavirus Victims? You Decide.

I publish data that is pertinent and probably more accurate than other researchers because I find good sources and carefully ferret out the facts that correspond with other knowledge I have.  It takes time and cannot be rushed, and unfortunately, I have some information that is painful to contemplate.

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