15 Million Armed Unvaccinated Non-GMO American Men VS Anyone Else

Have you considered how many men and women who refuse to be injected are armed?  Do you understand that subduing 15,000,000 armed, determined fighters, all familiar with the local terrain, would likely be impossible?

If the Great Unvaxxed organized, wow.  The only remaining Non-GMO humans in America, with a fully Vaxxed military and fully vaxxed civilian population dropping like flies from coast to coast.

I saw that 81 percent of the US black population is Non-GMO, so good for them.


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7 thoughts on “15 Million Armed Unvaccinated Non-GMO American Men VS Anyone Else”

  1. Some good points you bring up. Maybe you’ve looked into it before, but I used to think that the “come out of her Babylon” was specific to walking in Torah. I think the concept includes that but is bigger and will eventually encompass living separately by necessity for the sake of our lives and safety.

    1. You know Nathan, you have a point. As I read your comment, I considered Noahide Law, and the Rabbis who developed Noahide Law actually specify killing those who will not renounce Yahusha. They also forbid the Gentile (‘gentile’ means the lost, so really the non-Hebrew study of…) Torah. Coming out of Babylon will certainly be accomplished by adherence to Torah. Torah gives life and freedom while Babylon enslaves. Additionally, just as the Rabbis obscured the Name by using Hashem instead of Yahuah, so too would they want to deny access to Torah. They act as if Yahuah is their property to be swindled.

  2. Thank you Jerry for this post. Your posts help me prepare, both for the ever increasing physical challenges as well as ongoing and intensifying spiritual warfare. I thank Yahuah for you and for the materials you are putting up on this site to educate us.

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