10 Days Left To Fulfill Dana Coverstone’s Vision For November, 2020

Dana Coverstone is a Kentucky preacher.  He seems to be a genuinely fine fellow, and in December 2019 he had a dream.  It was a powerful dream of riots, burning buildings, masks, ventilators and more.  He woke up, wrote it down, assembled the Elders of his church and told them the dream.

Then March 2020 came, and his dream became reality for all of us.  Antifa burned down sections of cities.  Covid-19 was killing the sick and the dying all over the world.  Then, Pastor Dana had another dream, and it was worse.  The dream was for the month of November.  Part of it is already fully underway with the political fraud and bribery taking place in America.  The worst is yet to come, and there are 10 days left in this month.

Watch his video for his dream pertaining to this current November. Brace yourself.

More Dana Coverstone here.

Dana Coverstone October here.


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