The Hottest Argument On Youtube: Flat Earth or Spherical Earth?

If you spend time on youtube, you will eventually see Flat Earth videos suggested for you in the right-side column. I remember when I started seeing them myself, and my first thought was “Oh my Lord, people are just crazy. This has to be a CIA psyop to further confuse people.”

So I ignored them for a long time. Then one night when I was too burned out on digging for facts on “important things” and not sleepy enough to shut down for the night, I clicked on a Flat Earth title and watched it. It was a poorly done video with low-resolution graphics, but it was interesting enough to keep me watching for the full hour. When it was finished, I literally said to myself “hmmmm…”

I mentioned some of the interesting points to my wife the next day and she said “Do not tell anyone that you might think the earth is flat, Jerry. They think you are crazy enough already.”

Point taken.


But the troubling thing about those “interesting points” is that they continued to nibble and gnaw at my mind. So I looked for more videos on Flat Earth and eventually found enough good work to conclude the Flat Earth argument has merit.

What really opened the door to Flat Earth arguments is NASA. NASA, I discovered quite a while back, is a cabal of liars. I do not believe there is a more lie-centric organization on the planet than NASA. I personally have busted NASA in some highly significant and outright lies. I have caught them twice editing images that are allegedly from satellites far into deep space. And what got me into looking hard at NASA is their failure to do certain things that NASA would do if NASA was for real.

ISS, the International Space Station, is a good example. If it is real, then it is one of the most incredible engineering marvels of all time. It took years to build and involved over 15 differnet nations. A huge, gargantuan engineering project built in space. SO one would naturally and rightly believe that there would be tons of live-action first-person video by the astronauts who built it. One would think there would be a historical PBS documentary, or even National Geographic documentary of live construction video. It would be on the IMAX all-time greatest movies list.


Try to fine one.

If you look for a real, live first-person live-action documentary on the construction of ISS, all you will find is animation. All computer generated graphics. Not one second of anything real pertaining to the construction. Its all Disney.

No Flag On The Moon

And about that US flag allegedly left on the moon, or the base of the Lunar Lander, the base that holds the rocket engine with 10,000 pounds of thrust that did not leave so much as a divot on the face of the “moon” when they allegedly landed on it. If you take any telescope and search for the coordinates of Tranquility Base (where they allegedly landed), guess what you will see?


If you search Google images, you will find several low-resolution fakes, but you will never be able to find the flag on the moon yourself using any telescope, because it is not there. If it was, there would be literally be hundreds of images taken by amateur astronomers available on Google Images.

We never went to the moon. It did not happen. The whole production was staged. Here is the truth:

Astronauts Refuse To Swear On Bible

Some guy decided to locate all of the astronauts who allegedly went to the moon, and give them a chance to swear on a Holy Bible that they went.  He followed them around all over the USA until he gave all of them a chance to swear on the Holy Bible in his hand.  And do you know what they did?  The refused.  All of them.  And many of them dog-cussed him, some of them punched him in the face or kicked him.  It was awful to see, and I concluded that not one of them went to the moon.


Van Allen Radiation Belts – Deadly Radiation

Radiation is also a major problem that NASA publicly admits today they have no solution for.  The Van Allen Radiation Belt is a belt of deadly X-ray and Gamma Ray radiation that would kill astronauts.  But NASA claims the moon flights sailed through the radiation with no ill effects or even any apparent knowledge of it.


Is The Earth Really Flat?

So what is NASA trying so hard to hide? Is the earth actually flat? If it is, that would point directly at the Lord God. If the earth is flat, then is there a firmament on the dome above us, just as the Holy Bible says? Wouldn’t the population of earth then realize that we truly are special, unique and given a special habitat that was obviously designed specifically for human and animal life?

Am I convinced the earth if flat?  Not yet.  But the arguments are strong and there is no proof that the earth is spherical.  That’s right.  No proof.  I looked for it and, keeping an open mind and resisting everything we have been taught from childhood, I can find no proof of a spherical earth.  Keep an open mind, because the Holy Bible states that the truth will be made known.

Luke 8:16-17

16No one lights a lamp and covers it with a jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, he sets it on a lampstand, so those who enter can see the light. 17For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing concealed that will not be known and illuminated. 18Pay attention, therefore, to how you listen. Whoever has will be given more, but whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken away from him.”…

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