Joanie Stahl and Rick Wiles: Prophecy Of 2016 Destruction of America

Joanie Stahl gives us an alarming prophecy of America’s destruction happening in 2016.  We are halfway through the year. In general, I do not publish prophetic dreams and visions of others. But every now and then, I hear one that rings true like a bell, and Joanie Stahl’s 2016 prophecy regarding America seems an important prophecy. I recommend you listen to it, and share it widely today. Let a friend hear it and the two of you discuss it.

Joanie Stahl ...

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Prophecies of America. Destruction. The Mystery Babylon.

Prophecies of America. Destruction. The Mystery Babylon. – Chris Steinle and T.D. Hale.

I listened to Chris Steinle and T.D. Hale, two prophetic writers and speakers last night. I have had both audio files for a while, but could not find time to listen to them. One of them I had to get from Rick Wiles, and it took me two days of very complicated technical effort to retrieve it.  I listened to both of them back to back, and finished ...

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