Hillary Clinton Is Finished – Collapses In Video Today

This morning at 8AM Central Time, USA,  I published a cartoon showing Hillary Clinton falling to the ground, and all her money and media backers trying to “fix her”.  It was prophetic, because this morning at 10:31AM (outside temp 79 degrees) Hillary Clinton collapsed and had to be taken away in her combination handicap-van/ambulance.

Her Posture Is Cadaverous

In our video below, see that she is leaning back against that concrete post, and that she is as stiff as a board.  ...

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And So Comes The End


Prophecy of The Destruction of America

The audio below is probably the most important prophetic audio I have ever heard, and you better listen to every word of it.  Every follower of Jesus Christ knows by the power and authority of the Holy Spirit that the tribulation is at the door.  The flaming sword of God arrives.  The time of sorrows begins.  It is here.

I ...

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The Blood Moons – What They Predict For Our Future

Blood Moons – The Real Blood Moons And What They Mean For You In Christian Prophecy

The Blood Moons are rare, and four blood moons in 18 mopnths is extremely rare.  In fact, not in the last 500 years have we had four blood moons in 18 months.  And this four blood moon series even has a solar eclipse in the center of the four blood moons.

Every time there are four blood moons (called a “tetrad”), bad things happen.  Very bad ...

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Four Blood Moon Dates – What It Means In Christian Bible Prophecy & The Blood Moon Dates


I am a Christian who believes the Holy Bible, and I worship Jesus as my Lord. I got saved by Yahweh in 1993 when I was a wild renegade who hated God. I cursed Him but could not deny that He was actually God. Just not my God. I was my own God, which nearly killed me.

When the Lord showed me that He was real, I fell to my knees and ...

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