Cruz Sex Scandal

The Alleged Cruz Sex Scandal

If you follow the election or Ted Cruz, then you likely are aware of the hints of allegations that Ted committed adultery several times over the past few years.

Did Ted Cruz Cheat?

The National Enquirer Does NOT State Cruz Cheated

(An update on this and the Ted Cruz/Ashley Madison adultery club is linked here.)

The origin of the story is the highly respected and always honorable National Enquirer.  Bear in mind that Senator Cruz has powerful enemies in ...

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God Commands His Church To Arms

Listen to the sermon.  It is filled with facts and details straight from The Word.  Listen to all of it.

This sermon is by a pastor in Maryland. He teaches at the Evangelical Free Church and their web site is at I am not familiar with their doctrine of faith so I cannot endorse the church at this time, but this pastors research into Gods command that His followers carry weapons is rock solid sound ...

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