A Bad Feeling About September

I’ve had a bad feeling about the month of September for about two months.  It is a sense of dread, of foreboding.  Spiritually, I have my heels dug in, but am being pushed into September against my will.  September is coming, it cannot be stopped and iit makes my stomach queasy to consider it.

Whatever it is that fuels my dread, it is something that no rational human being wants to see or experience.  And although I do not know what ...

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Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress – America Is Finished And Gone Before 7-Yr Tribulation Period

Dallas – Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress teaches on the three major turning points in recent American events that guarantee the destruction of America.  I do ask you to pray for me, that I will hear the Lord God and do what He has in mind for me to do.  And I do pray for you, that the Lord God will fill you with wisdom, that He will keep you safe from all evil.  Please ask the Lord God to show ...

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