Pornography Is A Satanic Weapon Dominated By Specific Named U.S. Jews With Specific Objectives.

This well-researched and documented article was written by Dr. Lasha Darkmoon (a pen-name for identity protection), with most data points coming from a Jew named Dr. Nathan Abrhams, imaged below.  He states “Jews hate Christianity” and pornography is a way to break the church. 

It does line up with my own research into “Jews”, particularly Talmudic Jews (Rabbis). The darkness of Jewish Rabbinical studies is breath-taking; Literally shocking. Talmudic hatred for the “goyim” is profound. Non-Jews are the “goyim”. Goyim ...

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America Is Clearly The MYSTERY BABYLON and The Saved Are Called Out Of Her By God

Every Christian wants to know if he will be raptured, or if there is a rapture, and what America’s role is during the tribulation time.  Here is trustworthy information for you: America will be gone, and so will the faithful, before the third Temple is built, and it looks like America will be gone before the seven-year treaty is even signed. Know why?

Below is an excellent teaching video on the Mystery Babylon. Something to remember is the Lord’s command “My ...

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God Comes In Fury. He Comes To Separate The Righteous From The Unrighteous.

The more one reads the Holy Bible, the more one becomes aware that the Holy Bible, the living Word of God, is whole and complete within itself.

As one reads and studies the The Holy scriptures, one notices that individual scriptures begin to directly connect to other scriptures, hundreds of pages apart.  One completes the other and new information is gained.

Further reading and study will see third and fourth and more scriptures connecting linearly, then branching out to connect even more ...

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Christian Prophet Shane Warren & Vision For America

I’ve never met Pastor Shane Warren, but one night at work when I had some quiet time, I stumbled across this video on YouTube and watched it.

This video is important because Shane Warren had a waking dream or vision that he retold to Sid Roth on his T.V. show.  I have never heard of Sid Roth, but as I listened to Pastor Warren re-tell his vision, I got very excited.  His vision coincides with the very things I spend my ...

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