Donald Trump Is Very Pro-Gun. He Carries. His Family Carries. His Son Competes In Shooting Competition.

Washington DC – -( Donald Trump Jr. says he shares his personal commitment to the Second Amendment and pro-gun policies with his father, presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.

Don Jr. is a competitive high power shooter and a hunter. He talked of how traveling to shoot in competition, particularly entering California with an AR-15, has taught him firsthand the mess that law-abiding citizens face in trying to exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

He then said:

The Second ...

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Early Warning System Guaranteed To Get Your Attention

Funny but smart article from :

Romeo…On Duty

His Name is Romeo.  For what it’s worth, he lives up to his name and has fathered a good many offspring, but that’s a tale for another day.  Romeo is a Mediterranean Donkey, usually called Miniature Donkeys in this country.

Romeo is one of the most ...

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