America Is Clearly The MYSTERY BABYLON and The Saved Are Called Out Of Her By God

Every Christian wants to know if he will be raptured, or if there is a rapture, and what America’s role is during the tribulation time.  Here is trustworthy information for you: America will be gone, and so will the faithful, before the third Temple is built, and it looks like America will be gone before the seven-year treaty is even signed. Know why?

Below is an excellent teaching video on the Mystery Babylon. Something to remember is the Lord’s command “My ...

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FBI Proof The Federal Government Actively Kidnaps Children via CIA Operation “Finders” and Wikileaks Proof Of Clinton Involvement

I read an article a while back that relentlessly pecked at my mind, like a pidgeon pecking at a worm in the dirt. I kept circling back to a handful of witness statements regarding kidnapped children because there looked to be a pattern, or a process that was common to most.  And if there was a pattern or process, then it was probably organized kidnapping, not random.  Going back to the article (at allnewspipeline), I selected a handful of witness ...

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