Donald J. Trump Or The Clinton: Are You Kidding?

Donald J. Trumps’ speech below on August 18th, 2016 at Charlotte, North Carolina is a powerful, delightful speech by the maverick businessman who absolutely will not stop defending America and the American Dream. Politically, he speaks for me and I am proud to vote for the man. What guts he has, to stand defiant in the face of GLOBAL one-worlders. To defend the United States of America and swear to rebuild our nation as the bright republic it ...

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Hillary Clinton Truly Is Stone Cold Crazy

The most alarming thing about Hillary Clinton being obviously mentally disturbed is this: she has supporters; Lots of supporters.  Hillary Clinton is a person who would consume the liver of her own dear mama if it meant that she gained more power over other human beings.  She is a cold-blooded narcissist with no human sense of remorse. She would literally laugh about it as she forked in another bite.  Can you imagine her as PRESIDENT?

It is exactly as if her ...

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