Planet-Sized Object Observed Maneuvering Near Venus

This is a critical observation. It contains truth that you will not get from mainstream, controlled media. A massive object is moving carefully through our solar system. Government satellite-based telescopes record it. It is as large as a planet. Whatever it is, the builders/operators built in cloaking capability that makes this object invisible in the human-eye light spectrum. It is visible in other wavelengths, as NASA reveals.

These are not “friendly space aliens”.

If you need review of the Satanic corruption of ...

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Nephilim – Children of The Fallen Angels

“But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

Satan is working brilliantly to steal the souls of men, including yours.  There is a white-hot war going on all around us, and all over the earth.  I used to scoff at these writers and scholars many years ago.  But God showed me some things that turned me completely to Him.  I will tell you the truth when ...

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