Pastor David Langford & Rick Wiles Discuss Pennicuffs Prophecy Regarding Barak Obama and 2015/16

If you have never listened to Rick Wiles, you are missing a wonderful, very professional Christian talk-show host.  He loves Jesus and has some brilliant guests on his program.  You can subscribe to

Today Rick Wiles interviewed Pastor David Langford.  Langford is a very strong, exceptionally well informed Christian pastor who can teach you some awesome Biblical things if you listen to him.  Langford teaches all of scripture, and very, very few pastors teach all of scripture.  My own pastor ...

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US Justice Department Argues For More Sexual Perversion Claims Congressman


As you know, the Supreme Court offered an opinion that homosexuals can legally “marry”.  The US Congress can stop it, and the legislatures of the states can also ignore it and should, obviously.  We will have to see what happens in that area.  You should dial the number of your state representatives and twist their ears a bit.  I wrote the governor of Texas a two page signed letter over the JADE Helm incursion.  ...

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