Hillary Sought Copy Of Obama’s Secure Cellphone. Intelligence Officer Reveals Clinton Criminality

Hillary Clinton Asked For A Duplicate Of Obama’s Secure Cell Phone

If you wonder about the damage that Hillary Clinton has probably done to the United States, and to the security of your own life, read the article below.  The likelihood that she intentionally leaked highly sensitive (as in vital state secrets) information to the highest bidders is high.  You see, Hillary Clinton wanted to use her cell phone for secret data transmissions, and specifically asked for an exact duplicate ...

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An Email To A Friend And The Mercy Of The Guillotine

operation jade helm

I wrote an email to a friend today and I think some of it might benefit some of you subscribers.


“Tonight at midnight, JADE starts running the training exercise. You can be sure of this, ———-: JADE knows where you live, who you have as contacts in your smart phone, where you tend to sleep every night, and where you tend to be if ...

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