The Red Dragon Approacheth

2017 is starting off on an extremely positive note, primarily because Donald J Trump was elected President by a whole bunch of Americans who are furious at the decay and rot in the fabric of our formerly great nation.  We are great no more, but as Mr. President D.J. Trump likes to say, “Let’s make America great again!”.

I believe we will make good progress in achieving that goal.  There is much to do and a lot of it will be ...

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The Truth About The Colorado Delegate Controversy | Donald Trump vs. Ted Cruz

Here is a crisp, succinct video regarding the outright Republican Party theft of Coloradoans votes in the Republican presidential primary held two days ago in which Donald Trump won the primary against Ted Cruz by a HUGE margin, but Ted Cruz left with ALL of the delegates to the nomination convention.

The Republican Party designed this process specifically to give them absolute control over who gets the delegate votes at the Republican nominating convention later in the year.

The video is very ...

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Bilderberg Leader P. Thiel and The CIA Surround Veterans Using Jade Helm


Lion_CrossI listened to a very interesting radio show last night called The Pete Santilli Show. Mr. Santilli was discussing a Bilderberger named Pete Thiel and Mr. Thiels artificial intelligence software called “Palantir”, which is software that uses natural search language ...

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