Ted Cruz On DC Madams Customer List?

Several years ago a woman named Deborah Palfrey ran a whore-house in Washington, D.C.  She was arrested and convicted in 2008 of money laundering and other crimes associated with running a prostitution service that catered to members of the city’s political elite. She died (allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself at her home) weeks after she was found guilty and after she told the entire world that she was not in any way suicidal and that if she died, it ...

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Cruz Sex Scandal

The Alleged Cruz Sex Scandal

If you follow the election or Ted Cruz, then you likely are aware of the hints of allegations that Ted committed adultery several times over the past few years.

Did Ted Cruz Cheat?

The National Enquirer Does NOT State Cruz Cheated

(An update on this and the Ted Cruz/Ashley Madison adultery club is linked here.)

The origin of the story is the highly respected and always honorable National Enquirer.  Bear in mind that Senator Cruz has powerful enemies in ...

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