Clinton Cash – The Full Movie

If you want something extremely interesting to watch today, watch this.  It is one hour long, hit YouTube three days ago and already has 1/2 million views.  10,000+ thumbs up/likes and only 280 dislikes.

This is what the FBI is looking at most closely.

Clinton Cash – The Full Movie

Published on Jul 23, 2016


Download Link: (Wait for page to load, click green “download” button)

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In A Crisis, Your Paper Dollars Are Worthless: “Real Goods Are The Real Money”

This article was written by Tom Chatham and originally published at his Project Chesapeake blog.

Editor’s Comment: When people hold paper money, they are holding a promise, or the illusion, of value. Tom makes the case clear here that, when you really need it, that paper money won’t be there for you. Ultimately, the money is to be exchanged for physical goods – foods, medicine, necessities, supplies and comfort items.

If ATMs, banks and markets close, or if hyperinflation ...

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