Dead Israeli Boy Back To Life After Ascending Into Heaven And Warned Of The Immediate World War.

Two videos – This one and one at bottom of page 2 that is the live recorded Jerusalem Rabbinical interview with Natan.  This top video is a very good synopsis, though it is incomplete.  The second video is complete, but requires your full attention   It is worth every second of your attention.  God bless you.  Rejoice, for we are soon to see the Lord.  Share this with your friends and family.

Never in ...

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US Army Special Forces Kill Cave-Dwelling GIANT In Afganistan

Biblical giants came about from the forbidden mixing of angelic DNA with human DNA. The fallen angels “saf the daughters of men, that they were beautiful, and took wives of them, any one they chose.” Rape, kidnapping and forced sex from the fallen angels. And the offspring grew into giants, wildly corrupt. Since they were not human (their fathers were fallen angels), they had no chance for salvation.

Not being human, when they died, if they had a soul it had ...

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