What Will You Do When The World Panics?

What will you do?  Do you think something might happen that panics the whole world?  Is it possible that an enemy could detonate a nuclear weapon in or above the United States?  Is it possible that the shadow government of the world, those satanic Illuminated Freemasons could collapse America in order to establish military law?

Below are some very good “rules” for you to print and keep in your notebook regarding your behavior when “something bad” finally does happen.  You want ...

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“Let There Be Light” – Human Egg Cell Bursts Forth Light When Sperm Enters

A wondrous sight as we watch a miracle. Every time a sperm cell combines with a human egg cell to start building a baby, the egg cell emits a burst of light that lasts several minutes. Scientists give us the lowdown on the chemical processes God designed in order to provide us with a visible-to-the-eye burst of light as LIFE begins. Awesome GOD.

Yes, that’s right. Her egg cell emits a burst of light when ...

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