10 Year Old Boy Drowns And Is Taken To Heaven And Shown The Future Tribulation

This boy drowned when he was 10 and was dead for about 40 minutes. Then he regained his life and told his mother what happend with him on the other side. He lived for three more years and died and was buried.

The narrator is his mother. Heaven is described as we expect it, and apparently there are lots of babies there who are given to the proper family member when that person enters Heaven.

It is a beautiful testimony, but the ...

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Dead Jerusalem Boy Identifies Obama As GOG – Says World War Is Imminent – Obama Divides Jerusalem –

It is documented and verified that a year ago an Israeli boy named Natan died on Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles.  He ascended into heaven where his life was evaluated.  He was told about the Gog war, that it had already begun, and that it would be escalated into major world war by Gog.  “Gog” was identified as Barack Obama by the angel speaking directly to the boy.

He was privately interviewed by Rami Levi, one of the most respected Jewish ...

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Dead Israeli Boy Back To Life After Ascending Into Heaven And Warned Of The Immediate World War.

Two videos – This one and one at bottom of page 2 that is the live recorded Jerusalem Rabbinical interview with Natan.  This top video is a very good synopsis, though it is incomplete.  The second video is complete, but requires your full attention   It is worth every second of your attention.  God bless you.  Rejoice, for we are soon to see the Lord.  Share this with your friends and family.

Never in ...

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Satanic Ritual Training Gaining Momentum In American Elementary Schools

As we devolve into a global culture of sodomy, demon worship, sexual depravity and utter enslavement to sin, it is no surprise to learn that clubs in American elementary schools are forming which exist only to teach satanic ritual to the boys and girls.

If this takes place in your area and you do not make yourself heard and feared by the local school board, then you may consider yourself a silent promoter of Satanism.

A little jail time in service to ...

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