Hillary Clinton Is Finished – Collapses In Video Today

This morning at 8AM Central Time, USA,  I published a cartoon showing Hillary Clinton falling to the ground, and all her money and media backers trying to “fix her”.  It was prophetic, because this morning at 10:31AM (outside temp 79 degrees) Hillary Clinton collapsed and had to be taken away in her combination handicap-van/ambulance.

Her Posture Is Cadaverous

In our video below, see that she is leaning back against that concrete post, and that she is as stiff as a board.  ...

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Clinton Cash – The Full Movie

If you want something extremely interesting to watch today, watch this.  It is one hour long, hit YouTube three days ago and already has 1/2 million views.  10,000+ thumbs up/likes and only 280 dislikes.

This is what the FBI is looking at most closely.

Clinton Cash – The Full Movie

Published on Jul 23, 2016


Download Link: (Wait for page to load, click green “download” button)

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Crooked Hillary VS Colluder Comey – Video

Crooked Hillary VS Colluder Comey

Colluder Comey

They both know exactly which felonies she committed.  Neither of them cares.

“I did not send or receive any information that was marked classified at the time,” Clinton says in an ABC News interview featured in the ad.

“From the 30,000 emails returned to the State Department in 2014, 110 emails in 52 email chains ...

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Imagine The Crime Potential If Hillary And Bill Go To The White House


Clinton Bill Hillary Two Presidents White House

(Editors note: Imagine the crime potential.  Hillary and Bill Clinton in the White House together – two liberal, pro-abortion, pro-war, anti-constituitionalists with extensive and extremely serious felony criminal backgrounds.  What a nightmare, and yes this is possible. You will be very interested in this article. – Jerry)

Two Presidents in ...

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Hillary Clinton: Her Darkness Hates The Light

Hillary Clinton is an evil person.  She smiles and laughs and takes selfies, and those are fun.  It’s even kind of cute to see her in a crowd of fawning women snapping a “Hillary Clinton selfie” with one of the minions.  Those are votes, huh Evil Hill?

But Evil Hillary Clinton is an evil person.  Darkness rules within her.  She is filled with malice, lies, hatred and lust for power.  In fact, her bid to become President is driven ...

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FBI Proof The Federal Government Actively Kidnaps Children via CIA Operation “Finders” and Wikileaks Proof Of Clinton Involvement

I read an article a while back that relentlessly pecked at my mind, like a pidgeon pecking at a worm in the dirt. I kept circling back to a handful of witness statements regarding kidnapped children because there looked to be a pattern, or a process that was common to most.  And if there was a pattern or process, then it was probably organized kidnapping, not random.  Going back to the article (at allnewspipeline), I selected a handful of witness ...

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