Trump Is Absolutely SMASHING Clinton! It Is Nowhere Near “Close”.

In spite of the relentless mass media polling fraud, and the disgusting liberal media hatred for Donald Trump and everything he believes is right for America, the VOTERS will speak in November.  Donald Trump will absolutely annihilate crooked Hillary “Jailtime” Clinton in the general election.  It is as apparent as the noon sun.  Even with the massive, obvious and screen-captured polling fraud by a major international mass media firm (owned by a top-level Bilderberger?), Trump is ...

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The Clinton Death March Continues

 The statistical probability that so many Clinton-connected people would magically die in a six-week period (which ended this week) when scheduled to testify, or when positioned to reveal electronic vote rigging, or when writing books that expose Clinton-connected murder, graft and fraud is essentially zero.  There is no way these people would fall dead from natural causes, and all within about a 45-day time period.  The last forty-five days, in fact.

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