A Biblical Prophecy of Destruction

Prophecies of America’s destruction are increasing.  Beginning in the mid-1980’s with Wilkerson’s prophecies of collapse, prophecies of America’s destruction are increasing in terms of velocity and detail.

According to many, 2016 is the pivotal year regarding prophecies of America’s destruction.

Listen to these prophecies, all of them, and pray that the Lord God will reveal more truth to you.  Personally, I have no idea what His plans are except for this: He is coming, literally in the process.  I myself had a ...

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A Prophecy Of America’s Destruction


House Of The Prophet: George Pennicuff.

Recorded in the Philippines November 30, 2013.george pennicuff  God told Prophet Pennicuff that he would not live to see the prophecies come to pass.

Prophet Pennicuff Died 30 weeks later, June 20, 2014  He died one year to the week before the expected date of Jade Helm, June 15, 2015.

Jade Helm is to position men and equipment in the state most likely to rebel when the dollar ...

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