Prophecies of America. Destruction. The Mystery Babylon.

Prophecies of America. Destruction. The Mystery Babylon. – Chris Steinle and T.D. Hale.

I listened to Chris Steinle and T.D. Hale, two prophetic writers and speakers last night. I have had both audio files for a while, but could not find time to listen to them. One of them I had to get from Rick Wiles, and it took me two days of very complicated technical effort to retrieve it.  I listened to both of them back to back, and finished ...

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The video below is the final minute of a speech Barack Obama made in Europe.  The speech itself is unimportant, primarily because Barack Obama made it and everything he says is a lie.  But the video is very impressive because when he completes his string of lies, the audience completely, totally ignores him and goes about their business.

Watch as he raises his hands 38 seconds into the clip, attempting to prompt the audience to clap and cheer.  It makes me ...

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