Homosexual Houston Mayor Subpoenas Pastors Sermons On Homosexualism

The lesbian mayor of Houston, TX, Ms. Annise Parker, is illegally spending Houston tax-payer money to hound Christian pastors who are teaching Gods Word regarding homosexualism.  Ms. Parker doesn’t like the truth told regarding sodomites, you see.  Vile and rancid moral decay are preferred by evil people over the truth and God’s perfect standard.

God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire raining from heaven. He completely melted those two cities. He destroyed them over their lust for sodomy. They were vile, ...

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Rick Wiles – TruNews Podcasts


Rick Wiles Podcasts

These podcasts are usually excellent, and run one hour long.

Click the little ^ at the end of the Podcast title to read the interview/broadcast information.  You can also download these to your pad or phone to playback later, offline.  I save them, burn them to DVDs or USB sticks and give them to people.

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