International Security Expert Anticipates Donald Trump Will Defend Christians

Its good to see things orienting toward wisdom and understanding.  President-elect Donald J. Trump might not be the smoothest marble in the sock, but he rolls in the right direction.  Trump calls a spade a spade, and he seems to possess some measure of common sense.  Perhaps that is what resonates so strongly among some right-minded Americans – common sense.

We need a lot of that now.

The recent Islamic terror events show that terrorists are finally starting to execute terroristic acts ...

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GOD Commands Christians To Arm

Armed And Ready
GOD Commands Christians To Arm


Also read of God’s command that all followers of Jesus Arm themselves.  Yes, even you.

Many Christians ask themselves and their pastors if they should buy a gun or carry a gun.  The pastors never seem to refer to Holy Scripture, choosing instead to deliver a canned “popular” answer.  The truth is this: God commands Christians to ...

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