How You Might Successfully Avoid The Beast

A few years ago I founded a biometrics identification company that used hand-scanning technologies to allow people into secure areas. This technology was used in U.S. nuclear missile silos and other tight environments.  As I researched the biometrics markets prior to making my presentation to my eventual partners, I realized something critical regarding biometrics.

Biometrics Measures YOU For ID

Biometrics is the use of technology to identify a person based on known and measurable physical characteristics.  There are many ways to identify ...

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Cruz Sex Scandal

The Alleged Cruz Sex Scandal

If you follow the election or Ted Cruz, then you likely are aware of the hints of allegations that Ted committed adultery several times over the past few years.

Did Ted Cruz Cheat?

The National Enquirer Does NOT State Cruz Cheated

(An update on this and the Ted Cruz/Ashley Madison adultery club is linked here.)

The origin of the story is the highly respected and always honorable National Enquirer.  Bear in mind that Senator Cruz has powerful enemies in ...

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