America Is Clearly The MYSTERY BABYLON and The Saved Are Called Out Of Her By God

Every Christian wants to know if he will be raptured, or if there is a rapture, and what America’s role is during the tribulation time.  Here is trustworthy information for you: America will be gone, and so will the faithful, before the third Temple is built, and it looks like America will be gone before the seven-year treaty is even signed. Know why?

Below is an excellent teaching video on the Mystery Babylon. Something to remember is the Lord’s command “My ...

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A Bad Feeling About September

I’ve had a bad feeling about the month of September for about two months.  It is a sense of dread, of foreboding.  Spiritually, I have my heels dug in, but am being pushed into September against my will.  September is coming, it cannot be stopped and iit makes my stomach queasy to consider it.

Whatever it is that fuels my dread, it is something that no rational human being wants to see or experience.  And although I do not know what ...

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Donald J. Trump Or The Clinton: Are You Kidding?

Donald J. Trumps’ speech below on August 18th, 2016 at Charlotte, North Carolina is a powerful, delightful speech by the maverick businessman who absolutely will not stop defending America and the American Dream. Politically, he speaks for me and I am proud to vote for the man. What guts he has, to stand defiant in the face of GLOBAL one-worlders. To defend the United States of America and swear to rebuild our nation as the bright republic it ...

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Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress – America Is Finished And Gone Before 7-Yr Tribulation Period

Dallas – Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress teaches on the three major turning points in recent American events that guarantee the destruction of America.  I do ask you to pray for me, that I will hear the Lord God and do what He has in mind for me to do.  And I do pray for you, that the Lord God will fill you with wisdom, that He will keep you safe from all evil.  Please ask the Lord God to show ...

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How Many Dead To Wake The Living?

How many dead men, women and children will it take to wake up the average person?  I am beginning the believe that the chemtrails, which our Federal government sprays on us, is drugged.  Maybe the vaccines, too .  Our lethargy is shocking.  Our grandfathers would have burned the Governors mansion down for allowing these Muslims and illegals into their respective states, and RIGHTFULLY SO.

Our grandfathers would have fought back, no matter the cost.  If they died, so be it.  But ...

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