Russian Nuclear-Capable Kalibre Missiles Intentionally Kill US and Coalition Officers In Secret Middle-East Bunker.

Tuesday in Syria, the Russian warship launched three Kalibre nuclear-capable cruise missiles into a coalition intelligence bunker in Syria.  It is reported the military attack killed several coalition intelligence officials, including officers from the United States.


Russian/American Relationship Grows Dangerously Hostile

Recorded Discussion Of Russian/American Actions & Behavior

The US and ...

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A Bad Feeling About September

I’ve had a bad feeling about the month of September for about two months.  It is a sense of dread, of foreboding.  Spiritually, I have my heels dug in, but am being pushed into September against my will.  September is coming, it cannot be stopped and iit makes my stomach queasy to consider it.

Whatever it is that fuels my dread, it is something that no rational human being wants to see or experience.  And although I do not know what ...

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