Dead Israeli Boy Back To Life After Ascending Into Heaven And Warned Of The Immediate World War.

Two videos – This one and one at bottom of page 2 that is the live recorded Jerusalem Rabbinical interview with Natan.  This top video is a very good synopsis, though it is incomplete.  The second video is complete, but requires your full attention   It is worth every second of your attention.  God bless you.  Rejoice, for we are soon to see the Lord.  Share this with your friends and family.

Never in ...

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A Convincing Observation That Destruction And Christ Arrive Right Away

Standing At The Moment Of Goodbye

Sir Isaac Newton is one of the most gifted men of all time.  He lived about 150 years ago, and along with being the human intellect behind the science of modern physics, he also worshiped the Most High God and interpreted prophecy with exquisite understanding and detail.  His interpretation of Daniel 9:25  indicates that we stand today at the open door of eternity.  Based on the detail given to you below, it is as plain ...

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Iranian Grand Ayatollah: The ‘Hidden Imam’ Will Arrive In A Vessel ‘Like A Spaceship’

Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi recently answered questions about the arrival of the Mahdi – the Hidden Imam who is the equivalent of the Messiah in Shi’ite Islam. Answering the question “When the Mahdi is revealed, will he arrive with a sword?” he explained at length how the Mahdi’s arrival will be high-tech, as befits the modern age.  

The following are excerpts from Shirazi’s response:

It was said by Imam Sadegh [the Sixth Shi’ite Imam, circa. 700–765 C.E.]: ...

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A Bad Feeling About September

I’ve had a bad feeling about the month of September for about two months.  It is a sense of dread, of foreboding.  Spiritually, I have my heels dug in, but am being pushed into September against my will.  September is coming, it cannot be stopped and iit makes my stomach queasy to consider it.

Whatever it is that fuels my dread, it is something that no rational human being wants to see or experience.  And although I do not know what ...

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Prophecy: Donald Trump, President

Donald Trump Chosen By God To Be President Of The United States?

The Mark Taylor prophecy regarding Donald Trump being chosen by God to become President of the United States is impressive, especially since it originated about five years ago. In fact, this post is heavily visited and you will love the prophecy.  It will make you feel really good inside.

We are all interested in true prophecy. We are hungry to hear good news from The Lord. Rarely does ...

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