Pastor David Langford & Rick Wiles Discuss Pennicuffs Prophecy Regarding Barak Obama and 2015/16

If you have never listened to Rick Wiles, you are missing a wonderful, very professional Christian talk-show host.  He loves Jesus and has some brilliant guests on his program.  You can subscribe to

Today Rick Wiles interviewed Pastor David Langford.  Langford is a very strong, exceptionally well informed Christian pastor who can teach you some awesome Biblical things if you listen to him.  Langford teaches all of scripture, and very, very few pastors teach all of scripture.  My own pastor ...

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Mena Lee Grebin’s Prophetic Dream Identifies The Arrest Process

Video Of JADE Helm Night-time Arrest Process

JADE Helm – Dissident Extraction Process Seen In A Vision

Most people feel in their spirit that “something big” is pending.  I feel it, too.  Its not an emotional thing.  I am not excited or looking forward to some wild event that will change the world.

What I feel is a deep sense of dread, of foreboding.  My spirit practically vibrates with tension.  I find it difficult to sleep, and I ...

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The Star of Bethlehem Shines Above America June 30th

I listened to a fascinating audio interview on TruNews last night.  In the interview, Rick Wiles (a fine Christian man) interviewed Jim Dodge.  I do not know Mr. Dodge, but apparently he has done his homework regarding the Star of Bethlehem, and for the first time in 2048 years it will appear again June 30th.  It will be visible over the entirety of North America in the west/north-west section ...

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And So Comes The End


Prophecy of The Destruction of America

The audio below is probably the most important prophetic audio I have ever heard, and you better listen to every word of it.  Every follower of Jesus Christ knows by the power and authority of the Holy Spirit that the tribulation is at the door.  The flaming sword of God arrives.  The time of sorrows begins.  It is here.

I ...

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