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I am Jerry Davis, and I write I am a research analyst with a biblical world-view. My Christian experience has been and continues to be profound. Although I am not a prophet, the Lord God has given me visions, shaken me vigorously as He filled me with His Holy Spirit, and educated me deeply regarding the meaning of His Word and His relationship with mankind.

My formal university education is in history and English (writing), and I made the Deans and Presidents list every semester, taking up to 24 credit hours per semester while also working 35 hours per week at restaurant to pay my expenses. My political awakening took place in eighth grade when I discovered the book 1984, by George Orwell. Reading that book frightened me so deeply and permanently that I kept my eyes on government, and on people, ever since.

What you read here is observation, foresight and God-given spiritual wisdom filtered through years of experience, observation, evaluation, prayer and Biblical truth.

I endeavor to give you the bottom line on everything. I have only one desire and that is the discovery of Truth. If I am wrong and someone correctly points that out to me, I gladly and politely amend and apologize for my error. I write only to serve Truth, and there is only one Truth: Jesus Christ is Lord.

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