The Internet has millions of pages of information regarding Satan, from his creation to his rebellion against God, his lies to Eve in the Garden, his bribes offered to Jesus in exchange for worship, and much, much more.  Links to a couple of good PageLines- Satan.Small.jpgstarting places are here and here.

What I want to do is share with you my perspective on Satan based on my personal experiences with him over the course of my life.  This is my unique experience, alive, personal, painful.

The Name Of Our Adversary Is Not Satan

Satan, which is a Hebrew word that means “adversary”.((The masculine noun שטן (satan), meaning adversary. This noun occurs about three dozen times in the Bible and only a few of these occurrences denote the big bad guy: 1 Kings 11:14, “And YHWH raised up שטן (satan) to Solomon; Hadad the Edomite…” 1 Kings 11:23, “And Elohim raised up שטן (satan) to him; Rezon son of Eliada…”
In Numbers we even see this noun ascribed to the Angel of YHWH: Numbers 22:22, “…and the Angel of YHWH set Himself in the road as שטן (satan)…” And verse 32, “I have come as שטן (satan) because your way is contrary to Me.”
In the New Testament Jesus rebukes Peter by saying, “Go behind me satan,…” (Matthew 16:23), illustrating the difficulty that translators run into when the same word is translated sometimes as a regular verb or noun and sometimes as a defining personal name. Every now and then Jesus’ words are transliterated from Aramaic and it is highly unlikely that He personified Peter with the devil.
))  He was created just like you and I are created beings, and his job was to direct the praise and worship music in Heaven.  He physically occupied a position above the throne of God while in the performance ot that praise leadership, apparently.  He was the “Covering Cherub”.

But something wicked took place in Satan’s heart.  His original given name is unknown.  A mis-translation by St. Jerome early in the time when the first Holy Bible (The Vulgate) was being slowly put together mis-identified satan as “Lucifer”. ((Apparently, the translators who produced the trend-setting Septuagint figured this helel to be a person: none other than Venus, the morning star, and inserted the common epithet εωσφορος into their text. This epithet consists of (1) an unusual form of the noun ηως, meaning dawn (or the name Ηως; the deity Eos or Aurora) and (2) the verb φορος meaning to bear or bring.  When Jerome had a go at this text and translated it into Latin (the Vulgate), he too lunged for the common epithet of Venus, and wrote Lucifer (from the Latin noun lux, meaning light, and the verb fero, meaning to bring; they even had an adjective lux-fero, meaning light-bringing). ))  The entire Holy Bible, in every iteration of satan, either uses the common “Satan” as his personal name, or “satan” as his title or position as our enemy.  The Second Book of Enoch seems to indicate the the name of the leader of the fallen angels is Satanail .

Book Of Enoch

The Book of Enoch was quoted by Jesus, and it was quoted by the Disciples of Jesus.  Enoch was Noah’s grandfather, and an exceedingly righteous man.  He did not die a physical death because God called Enoch directly to heaven.  God did that specifically because Enoch was a supremely devoted servant of The Most High.

Download a copy of The Book of Enoch here:

Read a pretty good set of arguments both FOR and AGAINST the integrity of The Book Of Enoch here:

When you read The Book Of Enoch, remember to read it somewhat skeptically.  I personally do believe that The Book Of Enoch has a lot of Godly, Holy validity.  But which parts?  I can only read it prayerfully and trust in the Holy Spirit to guide me in all truth.

Why is the Book Of Enoch Important?

The Book Of Enoch is important because it was apparently written by Noah himself, who was Enoch’s grandson.  The Book of Enoch was found among the Dead Sea Scrolls, which are the most important Christian documents ever found in the history of the world.  Whoever so very carefully stored the Dead Sea Scrolls for us to find also stored The Book Of Enoch for us to find.  God had over 2000 years to destroy the Book of Enoch if He wanted to, yet He obviously wanted us to have the information contained therein.

Satan’s Involvement In The Lives Of Men

I grew up in a small house occupied by eight people, all my nuclear family.  Our home was sometimes crazy fun, and sometimes just crazy.  There was a tremendous amount of stress in our family, and that stress has never subsided, after many decades of life.  I have siblings dead, alcoholic, and severely twisted emotionally.  Lots of pain and suffering.  Lots of mental illness.  Lots of physical illness.  Suicide attempts, addictions, lies, fierce violence.  Bad stuff.

One can attribute some of the illness to chemicals in the air/water/food.  But not much.  Our family problems seem to stem from older sources.  Maternally, we trace back via the Collins bloodline to the Isle Of Skye, where the Druids practiced their pagan human sacrifices and cannibalism.  The Druids worshiped their god Biel (sounds like the demon god Ba-al), and celebrated Hallowe’en or Samhuin.

When we were children, my mother bought my sisters the demonic portal called a Ouija Board, or witch board.  That device is a portal to the dark forces, and evil gains access to the users.  My deceased sister could move inanimate objects after using that device only a few times.  She died young, a very tormented soul.

I used it, and when I was a boy around age 12 invited the adversary to claim my soul if only he would give me certain authority.  I clearly remember sitting in my parents living room and doing that.  Within a couple of years, I had exactly the authority I sought (fighting and seducing).  I never gave Satan a second thought.  I did not worship him or even consider him to be real, but he remembered the bargain I made and he did everything he could to take possession of me.

As the years rolled on, I had many women.  An older woman that I worked with as a teenager listened to me talking to a girl one afternoon, and when the girl walked away, Darlene looked at me and said “You are a silver tongued devil, Jerry Davis”.

She was right.  I had a special gift that helped me to see vulnerabilities in women.  The more I practiced taking advantage of those vulnerabilities, the more adept I became at seducing women.  Before I was 17 I was capable of seducing almost any woman, married, single or divorced.  One evening I had a married older woman in my bed, a divorced woman knocking on my apartment door and a single high-school girl sitting in her car in the parking lot, looking up at me in my towel talking to the divorce’ with the married woman waiting in my bedroom.

I experienced much more of this for years.  Women fell into my lap like leaves falling from the trees in the fall.

Spiritual ability like that is strong stuff for a young man.  But as in all things evil, there is a price to pay.

Satan Sets A Trap

Around age 33, I hired a beautiful blonde woman to do some work for me.  My receptionist was already doodling sexual images of us on her legal pad (I looked through it when she was gone from work sometimes), but she was still living with her parents so I kept my distance.  The new hire was blonde, beautiful and sexually aggressive.  She actually asked me in front of other employees if I wore briefs or boxers, and she answered her own question correctly.  Within a week I invited her over to my apartment for some after-work socializing.

When she and I walked into my place, I noticed that my apartment reeked of decay.  I tell you, it stank like the butt-end of a highly decomposed hippo.  The stench was unbearable.  But I knew that it could not possibly be my apartment, because I never ate there, and didn’t have any food in the house.  Just a jug of cold water in the refrigerator.  My trash can was completely empty, and I rarely even used the toilet there.  I worked all the time.

But the employee (Karen, about 24 yrs old) walked right in and didn’t seem to notice a thing.  Since she wasn’t complaining, I let it lie but I could not shake a very bad, gloomy feeling that hung onto me like a wet t-shirt.  I’ve never felt any presence so deeply depressing.  Even tonight, 20 years later, I can still see her walking across the room while I looked around for the source of that rank stench.   The only words I can think of are “gloom”, “despair”, hopelessness”.  It was a feeling that was as penetrating as the stench was repulsive. It was heavy, and dreadful.

I had sex with her anyway.

When we were finished, she dressed and I took her home.  Well, not actually to her house.  She told me that she lived with her parents, that they were asleep and that she didn’t want to wake them so she asked me to let her out of my car in the cul-de-sac of the street she claimed to live on.

So I let her out, she started walking away and I drove home.  I didn’t care where she lived, because I was still reeling from the fact that I had sex with her in spite of that smell and the massive sense of dark emptiness I experienced with her.  I swore to myself that I would never do anything like that again, but the very next night, I took her back to my apartment.

The Truth

I was surprised that I accepted her offer so quickly.  She wanted to get together again, and in spite of the stench of death that came in with her the first night, I agreed to have sex with her again.

After work, I took her back to my apartment.  I stripped off my clothes quickly, and she walked over to the kitchen counter to undress there.  I watched her, and when she came to me and sat down beside me on the bed, I looked over at my front door to make sure the chain was locked, and then back to her.

What I saw staring me in the face when I looked back to her beside me I will remember forever.  It was not human.  It was, in fact, one of those so-called “space aliens” we read about.  It was kind of a two-toned gray/darker gray, and its face was six-to-eight inches from my face.  The eyes were the classic giant almond shaped eyes, solid black eyeballs but with little dimples in them, like a golf ball.  The dimples seemed somewhat smaller than the dimples on a golf ball, too.

The creature was quite calm, not moving or blinking.  It just stared at me, and I at it.  I felt calm, but it was an unnatural calm for me.  I stared at this thing for about 10 seconds, jumped straight up and ran to the door, turned on all the lights on the switch and turned to face the thing.

But it was gone, and only Karen sat on my bed, looking at me.Alien.White

I immediately commanded her to dress, that I was taking her home.  I dressed myself, took her home, went back to my apartment and fell on my knees.  I told God that if He was real, I would follow Him for life.  That was 21 years ago and I have been 100 percent sexually pure since then.  But the desire?  Sometimes I have to beg God to give me peace from it.  Sexual desire is so pervasive in me that many days I am deeply torn inside between my promise, and my hunger.  But I remember the demon.

Karen never came back to work after that night.  She didn’t ask me what was wrong.  She didn’t say a single word.  She just dressed, got in my car, and walked down that street in the dark when I let her out.

Satan Creates and Exploits Your Weakness

From my long walk with the enemy, I learned a lot.  The first thing I learned was this: Had it not been for the prayers of my mother, I never would have lived beyond 17.  She turned to the Lord after the occult experience that she had.  That’s another story for another time.  But she turned completely to the Lord, and prayed for me every day.  Her prayer, I am sure, kept a man on parole for multiple murder with a shotgun from killing me one night when he had his shotgun stuck in the drivers window of the car I was sitting in.  An angry man, on parole for murder, who chased us down in his car with his shotgun.  Many other events like that.

Prayer is effective.  Do it.

I also learned that the adversary will help us become quite powerful in some area of our life.  It can be sex, or money, or alcohol, or power.  It can be anything.  His plan is to get you so far into whatever your god is that you would never consider giving it up, even though you know it is destroying you.  That thing in my bedroom appeared on the second night, the night AFTER I swore to “never do that again”.  After the gloom and the stench, I was back at it within 24 hours.

Whatever your god, and mine was sex, even after you choose to follow Christ, the temptation will always be with you.  You will always remember what you liked most about whatever your god was.  Part of you will always want you to go back into it.  That is your flesh talking.  Your cells and bones yearning to experience again whatever it was that you worshiped.

Jesus saves our souls, but our flesh will rot into the ground.  Sin seems to reside in our flesh.

The Holy Bible states in Galatians, Chapter 5, verses 16-18 the following:

But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh.
17For the flesh sets its desire against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; for these are in opposition to one another, so that you may not do the things that you please.
18But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the Law.…

More scripture references here.

Regardless of your god, THE God will lead you out of sin if you seek Him.  He will save your soul if you follow Him.  You will live forever in Heaven if you are saved.  The battle will always be near.  The adversary, whatever his name is, will always hate you, and always seek to ruin you.

I saw Karen one more time after the night the Lord revealed her true identity to me.  I went to a bar to grab a beer after work one evening, and there she sat.  She looked radiant, dressed in a long white gown.  She was truly beautiful.  But I knew better.  I ordered my beer and headed for my truck as soon as the bartender handed it to me.  Karen rose from her place at the bar and followed me out to my truck.  She walked behind me, dog-cussing me like I have never heard in my life.

She was so violent in her speech that I knew for sure she would attack me before I could get safely locked into my truck.  But she didn’t.  She never touched me.

I do not know how she transformed into an “alien”.  Either the Lord showed me spiritually what controlled her, or she was in fact a shape-shifting bot made by Satan.  Personally, I do believe there are lots of them (alien “bots”) in the earth, that Satan built them.  He was the brightest Cherubim in Heaven, so his IQ is far beyond ours.  He is certainly capable of building robots that perform like humans, and he has had plenty of time to learn.

Whatever your god, or temptation or weakness, turn directly to the Lord God of the Holy Bible, read that bible and surrender your life to Him.  It is good.  You will be much happier, have great peace, and be a blessing to many.


Jesus Christ is Lord – jd