Really? Can You See Moon Craters Unaided From 238,000 Miles Away?

If you think the Flat Earth movement is a flash in the pan, you are in for a big surprise.  As many of you know, I spend a great deal of time researching things.  In fact, my life is essentially devoted to discovery of truth.  I love the Lord God with all my heart.  I pray for more faith, more wisdom, more understanding, more kindness and for Him to allow me to be completely obedient to Him constantly.

I hate lies.  I abhor liars.  I am rather hard on “c”hristians who teach liberalized garbage.  I get kicked off Christian forums for that, which is fine.  The depth of ignorance in the so-called church is shocking.  When I first saw this flat earth stuff months ago, I just shook my head and said “Oh my God.  Have we really fallen this far?”

I blamed the CIA; I blamed the public schools.  I blamed the decay of society and felt so sad for mankind for becoming so incredibly stupid.  But somehow I clicked on an Eric Dubay video on flat earth and what he said in that hour long video finally projected a tiny beam of light into my opinion hole and I thought to myself “hmmmm…”

So I looked for more and better videos.  There are many really bad videos by genetic idiots who lie just to get traffic.  But there are also some truly excellent videos by hard working thinkers who, like me, just want to follow the facts.

My background: I have a 138 IQ, made the highest grades in my college physics studies, read everything I get in my hands and generally try to be the best in everything I do.  I have no need or desire to make things up, not to follow dead ends, lies or worthless fantasies in order to satisfy some crippling mental illness.

In fact, I work so hard to get to the truth that when I need information on something, the first place I look is my own website.  This one.  I do that because I know that the research is solid and because I have written on a lot of different things.

I will eventually have enough information here for any rational person to overcome a lifetime of false information and peer pressure and conclude that the earth is flat.  I personally can conclude that now.  There is no curvature of the earth, regardless of the countless false images of “earth” imaged from “space”.  I suppose I need to produce a video on that subject, too.

But the absence of curvature is plain and easily proven.  In fact, my 11 year old son can prove it and he can tell others how to prove it and he is right.  Trust the senses that God gave you.  If the moon is 238,000 miles away, why can I see the craters from my back yard with my naked eyes, and why can I see even more with my binoculars?  If you were 238,000 miles from Houston, could you see Houston with your naked eyes?  Houston is exponentially larger than a moon crater. Is it possible, then, that the moon is much, much closer?

Watch the video and simply start asking questions.  Think.  Trust what you can verify.

If you want Biblical references to Flat Earth:

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