Putin Threatens To Use Nuclear Weapons In Syria To Defend His Russian Troops Against Israel

I hate to write this, but it does look as if war is coming.  We hear and read about war constantly, so I personally tend to disregard almost all of it until it reaches a certain threshold.  War now has my attention.

A week ago I saw this video and thought to myself that maybe, possibly, this was something to pay attention to.  I kept it in mind, but did not consider it worthy of any time at that point.

Lets watch the video and get a good feel for precisely what is taking place regarding the current large-scale movement of US Army tanks, fighting vehicles, artillery, supply vehicles, tank recovery tractors, water trucks, ammunition and personnel. Its a short video that shows a lot of equipment headed east, which is what is interesting.

These are recent videos, all are from the last 20 days (March 1st-20th, 2017)

A Twitter user also noted the equipment movement…
massive US military movement

Here is another, and the theme in this one seems to be “headed north to Alaska”. That is important, because the Arctic Circle is extremely strategic. In fact, in a flat-earth scenario, the North Pole area is the most vital piece of ground to hold from a military perspective. Russia has a huge operation underway up there and has for a couple of years.

Twitter reports US Army Stryker fast attack vehicles are operating today in Syria.

The Washington Post, newspaper of record and the mouthpiece of the CIA, writes that the US Marines are on the ground in Syria using heavy artillery against ISIS today. From Military.com…

The DebkaFiles

From the DebkaFiles, an Israeli intelligence outlet (and most likely run by Mossad), an article regarding Russia’s threats against Israel for striking Syria yesterday. A short excerpt…

The Israeli drone that targeted the Syrian militiaman Yasser Sayad outside the Golan town of Quneitra Sunday, March 19, reinforced the message first carried by the Israeli Arrow 2 which shot down a Syrian SA-5 anti-air missile Friday. The Israeli ambassador was called twice to the Russian foreign ministry.

Both hits were precise: Sayad was on his way to join the Hizballah forces who are trampling Syrian rebel villages on the Hermon slopes to clear their path to the Golan; and the Syrian SA-5 was intercepted microseconds before hitting the Israeli jets attacking a consignment of Hizballah weapons outside the Syria T4 base near Palmyra, where a Russian contingent is also housed.

The Israeli strike angered the Russians, who seem to be operating with Hizballah, based on the last sentence just above. The Russians summoned the Israeli Ambassador to Russia TWICE…
After the air strike, Israel’s ambassador to Moscow Cary Koren was summoned to the Russian foreign ministry to hear a warning from Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov to stop interfering with Russian plans for Syria.

Syria’s UN Ambassador Bashar Al Jaafari reflected the Assad regime’s sense of empowerment when he said following the Israeli air strikes in northern Syria: “The Syrian response was appropriate and changed the rules of the game.” He claimed that Israel had been sternly warned by Moscow to stop such attacks and therefore its leaders “will think long before taking similar action in future.”

Nonetheless, two days later, the IDF was again in action, this time on the Syrian Golan. A-Sayad was killed outside Quneitra as testimony of Israel’s resolve to continue to wage warfare against the Iranian and Hizballah military presence in Syria and their aggressive push towards its borders.
And Sunday, Ambassador Koren was called to the foreign ministry in Moscow for a second dressing-down, this one, undoubtedly sterner than the first, seeing that Israel had escalated its face-off with Moscow on this issue and raised the stakes for a potential IDF clash with Russian forces in Syria, for better or for worse.http://www.debka.com/article/25973/Israeli-Russian-clash-over-Hizballah%E2%80%99s-Golan-grab

Putin Threatens Use of Tactical Nuclear Weapons

A well-connected Russian news service, Realnienovosti, wrote in January this year, about 50 days ago, that V. Putin stated to Turk President Reycep Erdogan that he would use tactical nuclear weapons to attack and destroy large concentrations of enemy (Israeli and/or Saudi) troops if they threatened the approximately 20,000 Russian troops on the ground in Syria defending Bashar Assad.

Note that US media is totally silent on this, as the American people might not support a nuclear war and the CIA controls the media.

From the Russian language news service Realnienovosti, I translated the following relevant excerpt:

If Israel (with a hundred-thousand-strong army crowding the Syrian border) and Saudi Arabia (with their high-level air forces) will not heed warning and will make a military invasion in order to save their mercenary militias, including the fighters of the Front of An-Nusra and Al Qaeda, from The offensive of the Syrian government, which received powerful support from Russia, then Russia will have to decide how to protect 20,000 of its soldiers in Syria.

A person close to Russian President Vladimir Putin told me that the Russians had warned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that Moscow was ready to use tactical nuclear weapons if necessary to save its soldiers from the onslaught of Turkish-Saudi troops. Considering that Israel is a member of NATO, such a conflict can quickly develop into a full-scale nuclear confrontation.
Russia’s warning of the use of tactical nuclear weapons in the event of a joint invasion of Saudi Arabia and Turkey should be taken very seriously, given the unsuccessful attempts by both to enlist the support of the United States to invade under cover of assistance to refugees and support “moderate rebels” who, in fact, are extremist The militants Igil on the scene of the Syrian war.

You can access the original article here: http://realnienovosti.com/v-mire/1485830428.html
You can translate the original article into English or another language here: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Frealnienovosti.com%2Fv-mire%2F1485830428.html&sandbox=1

A good video by Christian Jew Steven Ben Anunu (sp?) is below, and specifically targets the content of this observation.

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