“But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

Satan is working brilliantly to steal the souls of men, including yours.  There is a white-hot war going on all around us, and all over the earth.  I used to scoff at these writers and scholars many years ago.  But God showed me some things that turned me completely to Him.  I will tell you the truth when I know it, and offer my thoughts when I am not sure what the truth might be.

If you want to know the truth, that is the Holy Spirit at work in your soul.  The truth is huge, ultra compelling and ALL of it is in the Holy Bible.  When you learn from good teachers, the Holy Scripture really begins to expand and vastly deepen your understanding of what God is allowing on earth.

If you want faith that is unshakable, you want to KNOW MORE.  L.A. Marzulli’s research is a big part of learning the truth and gaining WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING.

Pursue this privately, and as you learn, begin to slowly teach others close to you.

Also, Koinonia House has some excellent (accurate, well-researched scripturally) articles on these subjects.  Chuck Missler founded the operation after retiring from professional business and he has a very solid reputation with many, including me.

Link to one of his articles on Nephilim: http://www.khouse.org/articles/1996/43/

The Nephilim Grew To Giant Size

The following information is from Mr. Steve Quayle’s website, SteveQuayle.com.  Steve is passionate about his faith in God and is a trustworthy servant of God.  He has a LOT of information about the giants that have been found throughout the world for many, many years.  The skeletal remains of the giants tend to me scooped up by monied interests like the Smithsonian Institution and never seen again.  The Smithsonian was founded by a fellow last name of Smithson, who was an atheist , if I remember rightly.

Stretch your mind back to childhood. What giants do you remember? Jack and the Beanstalk? Hercules? Paul Bunyan? Goliath? What were you told and what did you read? With the exception of Goliath and an occasional ornery cyclops, legends emphasized their innate goodness, eye-popping feats accomplished with unparalleled strength, victories over the bad guys and all performed by “gentle giants”. What if it were all a lie? What if the truth were something much MUCH more sinister?

I have invested over 30 years researching the vast history of giants. It has, for the most part, been kept from the public. Proof of giants’ existence – their skeletal remains – has been quickly secreted away in obscure museums, when not destroyed. Additionally, time has cloaked and sugar-coated these creatures’ true perverse nature, the majority too vile, too demonic for bedtime stories. However, history is replete with their tales of unimaginable cruelty, sexual perversity, cannibalism and pagan rituals. This is only the beginning. Some things are best forgotten. . . or are they?

Where did these giants come from and what was their connection with ordinary humans? Just who were they? What happened to these extraordinary creatures? Is it possible they could ever return? The last question I will answer right now – YES, they most definitely could return! And they have something much worse in mind for mankind.

  • Present day modern man which averages about 6-feet tall + or – several inches or more.
  • 15-foot human skeleton found in southeast Turkey in late 1950’s in the Euphrates valley during road construction. Many tombs containing giants were uncovered here. This pertains to the picture of the giant human femur and myself above.
  • Maximinus Thrax Ceaser of Rome 235-238 A.D. This was an 8′ 6″ skeleton.
  • Goliath was about 9 feet + or – a few inches. I Samuel 17:4 late 11th century.
  • King Og spoken of in Deuteronomy 3:11 whose iron bedstead was approximately 14-feet by 6-feet wide. King Og was at least 12-feet tall, yet some claim up to 18.
  • A 19’6″ human skeleton found in 1577 A.D. under an overturned oak tree in the Canton of Lucerne.
  • 23-foot tall skeleton found in 1456 A.D. beside a river in Valence, France.
  • A 25′ 6 ” skeleton found in 1613 A.D. near the castle of Chaumont in France. This was claimed to be a nearly complete find.
  • Almost beyond comprehension or believability was the find of the two separate 36-foot human remains uncovered by Carthaginians somewhere between 200-600 B.C.

You can get directly to all of this from this link: http://www.genesis6giants.com/ or from http://www.stevequayle.com